​Shadowbound Patch Notes 01/14

New Features

Gem Upgrading

Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 35.
1. Upgrade gems to greatly improve high-level gems’ stats! The higher the gem level, the greater the stat increase!
2. Keystones are required for gem upgrading and can be found in Cloudwinder and are sold in the Shop.

Wing Socketing

Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 48.
1. Socket gems into your wings to grant a 100% character gem bonus! Merc stat bonuses vary according to Wing rank.
2. The higher your Wing rank, the greater the gem stat bonus.
3. Upgrading Wing rank requires Wing Hearts which can be found in the Crusades and are sold in the Shop.

Shard Splitting and Point Swap

1. Surplus shards can be split to earn Shard Points.
2. Swap Shard Points for rewards in the Hot Events panel.

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