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30% more XP on the Public Test Server

public test server comparison to regular server

We jumped right into the newly opened Aion Public Test Server and the XP increase compared to the regular client seems to be 30%. At least on the first levels. We’ll try and officially confirm this.

Also, when trying to create the copy of the PTS client we ran into some difficulties although we followed the instructions for manual installation. I have Aion installed in non default directory (D:\Aion2) and when I copied this directory into D:\ and renamed it (so the new directory is called D:\AionPTS), as the instructions suggested, the NCSoft launcher still didn’t recognize the PTS installation.

I created a folder named AionPTS in C:/Program Files/NCsoft/ and copied the files there. The launcher recognized it then and things went smooth from there on.

Also, I noticed in the official...

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Aion PTS XP multiplier goes above 4x

public test server experience gain

We reported yesterday that the newly created Aion public Test Server has a 30% XP increase over the regular live servers. This was based on us killing several mobs on level one in starting Elyos areas. Turns out that this is true only for the first few levels. The image above shows the same characters at level 6 and they are killing the same mob only on different server versions. As you can see the PTS XP is 4.5 times higher (no rest bonus or other XP increasing buff was present). This changes the XP curve significantly.

There are people overrunning the PTS. This reminds me of times when the game launched and everyone eagerly going through content. I’ve seen people lvl 27 today and I am guessing some are in their mid 30s by now.

We’re all eagerly awaiting the 1...

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Double XP weekend and patch 2.0 notes

For whoever is not playing on the quintuple XP PST server you will be able to enjoy increased XP gains throughout the weekend. This has become a regular thing now, to have a double XP weekend every two weeks. I wonder if this will continue once 1.9 hits live. I guess it depends on how big of a XP boost the patch will introduce. Anyone that is playing on the Korean servers has this in formation perhaps *starts digging through forums and google translator*?

While you wait for the double XP weekend to start you can check out the Initial Patch 2.0 Notes. The thing is humongous and gives all the information we hoped for. There will be 2 new lands (for each race one) that are Balaur themed. The level cap goes to lvl 55 with new skills and Stigmas...

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Roleplaying Legion Faire

Legion Spring Faire

Roleplaying community on Lumiel is hosting a roleplaying event on Sunday May 16 with the purpose of recruiting new members to RP Legions. The whole event is organized by aionroleplayers.com members and it will take place in Sanctum on Sunday, May 16th @ 8pm CST (6pm PST, 7pm MST, 9pm EST). To read the full announcement please visit the AionRolePlayers.com forums.

Here’s the most important info:

What: Role-playing legion “recruitment” event, in support of the growth & longevity of Lumiel’s Elyos RP legions
Date/Time: Sunday, May 16th @ 8pm CST (6pm PST, 7pm MST, 9pm EST)
Location: Sanctum, Elyos Square

Why: Meet & Greet for role-play legions and interested recruits to get together and to interactively learn more about what RP legions are active in the Lumiel Elyos community and...

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