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En Masse is the new home of ex-Aion producer

Mistery of the missing ex Aion producer, Brian Knox, has been resolved. The man has moved to a new Seattle company called “En Masse” that is going to be the Western publisher and “localizer” (look, I just made up a word) of Korean and other Eastern games. Its staff are alumnis of Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft Corp., Electronic Arts Inc., ArenaNet and NCsoft. Their first game will be Bluehole’s TERA. You can read all about it at Rock, Paper, Shotgun along with an interview with ex aion_xaen.

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Social fail weekend aka double xp

Apparently, there’s an overwhelmingly positive response of the Aion community to the double XP weekends because NCSoft is introducing another one of these, mere two weeks after the last one. Aion Life’s scientific team sat down to determine why the community likes double XP weekends so much. The image above is the result of their 2 month research that cost hundreds of millions. You guys check out when double XP weekend starts on your server below, while we feed our science team to the alligators.

NA East Coast Servers—Starts at 8:00 p.m. EST


NA West Coast Servers—Starts at 8:00 p.m. PST


NA Oceanic Server—Starts at 8:00 p.m. AEST


European Servers —Starts on Friday, Feb...

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February Community Address

Aion’s newly appointed producer addressed the community today with a monthly update of where the game is at the moment and what their plans are for the future. Chris himself admits that:

… at times you may feel like you’re wringing water out of a rock in regard to getting information from us, but we want to be cautious with telling you the correct information to not mislead the community. We are in constant communication with our development and production staff, and we really want to share with you more information on a regular basis, but due to scheduled release timing, localization efforts and Western development schedules, we aren’t always able to share what we’d really like to.

The following list of things to come is confirmed for sure in this address:

  • The first bigger ...
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Aion Fire Temple Guide

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