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How to create more resurrection options in Aion

While questing, visiting Abyss, or just exploring new locations, there is a great chance that you will run into nasty mobs or unfriendly players and be defeated. You can always resurrect at an obelisk spot, but it’s much convenient if you can avoid great distance traveling. If you have Tombstone of Revival you can resurrect at the current location, but if you want to speed things up for entire group be sure to have a Kisk Stone in your inventory bag. When you use the Kisk Stone, you will get one more resurrect point if you die.

Kisk Stones

You can think of the Kisk Stones as a mobile Obelisks. You can buy them from a General Goods Merchants at every capitols and summon them nearly everywhere. Depending on the Kisk size, a different amount of people can bind to it...

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Aion NA/EU First Tahabata Pyrelord Kill

Ariel server hosts a group of brave Asmodians that dared enter Lord Tahabata Pyrelord’s lair and challenge its rule over Dark Poeta. After two weeks of trying and wiping and trying again they fell the beast. Tahabata is famous for having he best loot table in the game (click here to see the Eternal quality gear she drops) and to even see her you need to finish Dark Poeta with the best grade. The kill is the first publicly announced kill and, if not contested, is the first kill on the NA/EU servers. The group consisted of:
Ranger Tank: Forgiven
DPS Ranger: Dae
Templar: Krull
Cleric: Decoy
Chanter: Qloe
Sorc: Astro

You can see the video of the kill below...

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Server maintenance and a small patch

I think we are all accustomed to having server maintenance on Wednesdays. This one is just a bit different by introducing patch no. (sooo many dots…). The patch introduces small fixes to quest, text and audio inaccuracies. You can read the full patch notes on our aptly named Patch Notes Page.

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Aion is hosting an ongoing game event

Jefnyerk the Sad has been going around the Aion servers looking for his lost valentine, Dianyerk, since last Thursday. He roams the capital cities looking for kindhearted adventurers to help him search for his beloved. It is a mini in-game scavenger hunt that sends you chasing after what is reported to be a “… GM in the costume of a Shugo with a glad(iator) icon”. If you find her among the first ,you will be presented with some nice gifts, including Valentine dyes (red or pink) and other spoils. Ayase just announced that:

Jefnyerk is heading towards Kahrun and Kalil tonight. At least that’s the word on the street.

so if you have a toon on one of those servers make sure you check it out.

I love how Jefnyerk the Sad even posted on the official forum about his lost love and there ...

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