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Roleplaying Legion Faire

Legion Spring Faire

Roleplaying community on Lumiel is hosting a roleplaying event on Sunday May 16 with the purpose of recruiting new members to RP Legions. The whole event is organized by members and it will take place in Sanctum on Sunday, May 16th @ 8pm CST (6pm PST, 7pm MST, 9pm EST). To read the full announcement please visit the forums.

Here’s the most important info:

What: Role-playing legion “recruitment” event, in support of the growth & longevity of Lumiel’s Elyos RP legions
Date/Time: Sunday, May 16th @ 8pm CST (6pm PST, 7pm MST, 9pm EST)
Location: Sanctum, Elyos Square

Why: Meet & Greet for role-play legions and interested recruits to get together and to interactively learn more about what RP legions are active in the Lumiel Elyos community and...

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