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Aion Holiday spirit

The Halloween event in Aion did not impress. Hopes for Christmas / New Year events were not high either. In stroke of genius NCSoft provided a giant piano in front of the Christmas tree in the capital cities for their Solorius Festival event. Since there is no ciontent like user created content, some great videos have surfaced featuring the aforementioned piano and some highly synchronized players :). Here’s a few videos for your enjoyment:

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Happy New Year

Dear Visitors,

We wish you and your families the very best in this New Year. May you and your families be blessed with good health. May your real life grind be low, all loot epic and trading fruitful (which is the same thing we wish for you in-game:) ). There’s loads of new content and gaming ahead of us and I hope you will continue to make Aion Life your everyday stop for all Aion related information and news. Here’s to a great year!


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I am the sword master!

A video from what appears to be the Korean version of the game started circulating the web some time ago. It showcases Aion weapons with funny models/skins. Seems you can model your weapon to look like a trout or carrots or a fork even. The video just speaks for itself. Any comment would be moot.

In line with the above video – I just saw this episode of a show called the Big Bang Theory depicting a MMO dungeon crawl. I think all MMORPG players can relate to this one… Enjoy:

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Who wants to become a trillionaire?

This is both hilarious and scary! Apparently, a small number of players on the Azphel server had received over 30 trillion Kinah as part of a reward glitch. Since nothing could have been done with this glitch the server was rolled back to that server’s morning state. Azphel was down for along time in attempts to prevent this bug from happening again and because of the rollback. Here’s the comment by NCSoft made on the official web site:

As an apology for the downtime, we’ll be rewarding everyone on the Azphel server with five Lodas Amulets later this week. It’s our goal at NCsoft to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our apologies for the downtime and as always, thank you for your continued patience.

Update: We’ve found a few additional bugs that are having a dire...

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