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Sneak peek on the next Aion Korean update

Today Ayase announced a little sneak peek on the next Aion update for Korean version. There will be some additional changes for EU servers but it’s interesting to know what we can expect soon.


  1. Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from instance boss monsters.
  2. Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from field boss monsters
  3. Greatly increased the Item drop rate of gear dropped by all monsters. This includes:
    1. Drop rate of Common/Superior Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
    2. Drop rate of Heroic/Fabled Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
  4. Increased the drop rate of the main items acquired from treasure boxes.
  5. Increased the drop rates of all Skill Manuals and stigma stones dropped by monsters.
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How to collect enough food for your Aion pet

While I was following various links during the last few days about hungry Aion pets, I came across this interesting post Blackbeard’s Guide to Collecting Trash. At first, I was little surprised by the title, but I believe Blackbeard’s ideas and suggestions on how to easily collect enough food for Aion hungry pets will be very useful for everyone.

Gather with your alts

The best way to feed any pet: gather with your lowbies. I mean, most people have more than one alt. Yeah, selling the trash to a vendor will rake in easy kinah, but if you want to take the chance, it’s there.

My main alt is the one that has all of the “fortune” pets...

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Aion Harvest Revel starts today!

This year’s Harvest Revel event will run from October 27th, 2010 to November 10th, 2010.
This event is open to Daevas (level 10 and higher) of both factions. There are three tasks that need completing on both sides, both of which are given by this year’s Pumpkin Kings: Minis the Elyos, and Tali the Asmodian. Minis can be found on the Exalted Path in Sanctum, while Tali can be found on the great Vifrost Bridge.

Two quests can be started straight away by visiting your faction’s Pumpkin King. These quests are:

Race NPC Location Quest Name
Elyos Minis Sanctum [Event] The Shulack Sugarcrooks
Elyos Minis Sanctum [Event] The Great Candy Hunt
Asmodian Tali Pandaemonium [Event] The Pumpkin King
Asmodian Tali Pandaemonium [Event] Candy, Candy Everywhere

The Shulack Sugarcro...

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New Round of Aion Character Transfers starts on October 28th 2010

Ayase announced today that the sign-ups for the next round of character transfers will begin on Thursday, October 28 at 22:00 CEST.

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