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Aion Harvest Revel starts today!

This year’s Harvest Revel event will run from October 27th, 2010 to November 10th, 2010.
This event is open to Daevas (level 10 and higher) of both factions. There are three tasks that need completing on both sides, both of which are given by this year’s Pumpkin Kings: Minis the Elyos, and Tali the Asmodian. Minis can be found on the Exalted Path in Sanctum, while Tali can be found on the great Vifrost Bridge.

Two quests can be started straight away by visiting your faction’s Pumpkin King. These quests are:

Race NPC Location Quest Name
Elyos Minis Sanctum [Event] The Shulack Sugarcrooks
Elyos Minis Sanctum [Event] The Great Candy Hunt
Asmodian Tali Pandaemonium [Event] The Pumpkin King
Asmodian Tali Pandaemonium [Event] Candy, Candy Everywhere

The Shulack Sugarcro...

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Aion pets fansite

Pets system, that was introduced in Aion 2.0, got a lot of people interested and a lot of us have been hunting for the little buggers ever since. To make our lives a bit easier, Sylene created http://www.aion-pets.com. It is an Aion fansite dedicated entirely to pets and where you can find them, what they look like and what their specifications are (what to feed them with and what are their special characteristics). They even have some pets that are still not in the game, but will appear soon. Make sure you bookmark this fansite, since it is such a great resource and remember, if you run a fansite or blog or podcast dedicated to Aion feel free to contact us and we’ll mention you in our news section.

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Aion Veteran Rewards for 12 Months

Dear Daevas if you have spent last 12 months with Aion you are eligible for goodies in the Master Daeva pack!

Month 12: Master Daeva

1 Aqua Griffo Egg
1 Asmodian Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Elyos Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Fiery Head
5 Major Ancient Crowns

The Master Daeva will earn a whole array of useful rewards! First out is the Aqua Griffo, a rare purebred pet. The Aqua Griffo , waits to stand by your side with unfaltering loyalty. It provides your characters with 18 convenient inventory slots, produces Aether items, and detects unstealthed enemy Daevas. Each of your characters will find endless use for a new handy Personal Reusable Kisk Stone (Elyos and Asmodian versions)...

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Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet

Aqua Griffo pet is a part of the 12 month veteran reward package. This cute pet eats only items that actually say ‘ensouled’ in the title like: Ensouled Armor, Ensouled Boggart Cloak, Ensouled Chakranta Fragment, Ensouled Fragment, Ensouled Mugolem Fragment or Ensouled Petrahulk Fragment. But so far no one actually find out how to get those items.

At first I tried to feed him with different gray items, but he didn’t like them and kept spitting them out. So I did a little research and found an article on PowerWiki Pet Food with a list of Soul/Ensouled Food Type.

So far my little pet likes: Cursed Soul Fragment, Hazy Mamut Soul, Hazy Mau Soul and when he eats enough he spits out Major Aqua Griffo Bundle! When I opened my firs gift up I got 15 Aether...

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