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Aion will be free to play in Europe from February 2012

NCsoft has teamed up with the German publisher Gameforge to bring the new Aion model across the whole Europe. From February 2012 Aion will be free-to-play on EU servers. The main reason for this switch are deserted lands in Atreia. Aion free to play model will not affect the NA servers.

In the last few months the lands in Atreia have become more and more deserted. We want to reinvigorate the world of Aion and attract new adventurers to the towns to take to the skies as Daevas.

Aion Free to Play model overview

With the new free to play Aion model there will be three account types: Starter, Veteran, Gold User.

  • Starter
    You will receive the Starter rank when you start playing Aion after the switch to the free-to-play model. As a Starter you will have access to all regions...
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Aion 3.0 Abyss Eternal Armor Sets

aion 3.0 abyss armor lvl 60
Aion team has recently released on Korean PowerBook details about new Level 60 Abyss Eternal Armor Sets. Some important facts are:

  • Level 60 abyss armor has class and type restrictions
  • The armor stats will be the same for both Elyos and Asmo, but the armor appearance will be different.
  • There will be 3 types of eternal armor sets: normal PvP armor, armor set with set bonuses and the best armor with AP conditioning

For additional information about armor stats and appearance visit Daeva’s report


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Aion Free to Play account transfer

Gameforge announced that NCsoft will transfer control of Aion service in Europe to Gameforge later in February 2012. To continue playing your European account after the transition, you must consent to allow the transfer of your account information from NCsoft® to Gameforge. If you agree to transfer your account, you will receive veteran status in the free-to-play version of Aion.
For more information about account transfer to the Gameforge server visit aionfreetoplay.com.


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Aion Wedding Sale

aion wedding

If you want to get this traditional bridal gown (for female Daevas) or tuxedo (for male Daevas) for Valentine’s Day, NCsoft is offering 50% off ($9.99 $4.99) in the NCsoft store from February 8–February 27, 2012.


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