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Aion 3.5 New Mounts

Aion 3.5 offers special mounts that can be obtained as a chest reward or bought for Legion or Guardian coins.

Source: Daeva’s Report


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AION EU at Gamescom

It has been officially confirmed that GameForge will attend upcoming GamesCom 2012, a massive annual gaming event in Germany. This year GameForge will introduce new Aion Content Update 3.0 that will be first time playable on gaming stations in Hall 6 at booth B011.

Greetings Daeva!
Between August 15th – 19th, we will introduce our great Content Update 3.0 altogether with our new MMOG RaiderZ at Gamescom. Gaming stations offering a playable 3.0 Update will be provided.
Visit our 320m² booth B011 in Hall 6!

We will offer an exciting stage program and regular presentations. Participate in our daily main raffle to get your hands on fan merchandise and dress up with provided fantasy weapons to pose infront of our Photo Box to take a snapshot of you in AION environment.

For all players who...

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Aion 3.0 launching on August 15th in Europe

The long awaited release date of Aion EU 3.0 Update is finally announced – August 15th. This update will introduce new features like Housing and Mounts, as well as new areas. Additional information and timings about the Update 3.0 will be announced later.

Official announcement:

Every player has waited for this update. The long-awaited release of Update 3.0, the most extensive expansion since AION’s release, is imminent. We finally want to announce the official Release date of 3.0!

Starting from August 15th, players are able to explore the new content update!
Numerous features like Housing and Mounts, as well as new areas can be explored. New fortresses need to be conquered and Daevas will face new challenges. Further information can be found on our 3.0 Teaserpage.

*Details and timin...

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Veteran rewards for Aion EU players

If you think that you have lost your hard earned Veteran rewards or exclusive items from the AION collector’s edition we have a great news for you! It’s only available for a limited time but you can transfer previous NCsoft shop purchases to your Gameforge account!

How it works?
1. Visit the Aion Shop
2.Click on Manage Bonuses to allocate your veteran rewards


Phase 1
Start: 06.08.2012
Duration: one month
All players with a transferred account get the chance to secure their items from the time before the transfer.
Phase 2
Start: TBD
Duration: TBD
Previously activated Gold Packs are transferred into Veteran rewards to reward new players for their loyalty too!
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