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Aion POSA Cards giving incorrect rewards

According to Felicia Johnson Aion US Community Coordinator, during the billing maintenance this morning an error occurred and players who applied POSA Cards didn’t receive correct rewards:

During the billing maintenance this morning, an error occurred and the bonus item now being rewarded is 2 Major Contribution Bundles instead of 2 L100 stones. This was not intended.
If you currently apply a POSA card, the code you receive will not give you the reward you are expecting. If you have already applied the card, and received a code and gotten the contribution bundles, you may contact customer service using this webform: https://aiononline.custhelp.com/app/ask
and the GM’s will assist you with exchanging for the proper items.
We are working to resolve the billing error, but it is not ...

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Aion 4.0 New Wallpapers

Four Aion breathtaking Wallpapers have been posted on the official Korean Aion site. The wallpapers feature Aion classes Bard, Chanter, Spiritmaster and IU’s Angel Guardian.

Spotted on: Daeva’s Report

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MMORPG Exclusive Aion Pet Giveaway

aion pet Watchful Ailu

Today MMORPG.com has been giving a bonus pet for Aion US – The Watchful Ailu: Ability (Warning), Watchful Ailu alert you when they detect enemies.

IMPORTANT: These gift keys will only work on the North American Aion servers.

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Show off your Aion house

aion house
I spotted on the official forums a great tread Show off your house. You need a lot of kinah to buy all expensive furniture, but some furniture is really amazing.

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