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New Server Arrival – [S24] Sea of Kora (US EAST)

Sea of Korathe 24th server for Shadowbound will be live on September 5th at 10:00 AM EDT. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events! 

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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[K-Aion] Daeva’s Day – 6th Aion Anniversary!

Aion in Korea is already celebrating its 6th Anniversary with Daeva’s Day! Aion was officially released on 25th November 2008 – check out that events are prepared to celebrate this occasion! :)

Cake buff!
Let’s celebrate Aion’s 6th anniversary with sweet cake! But have you known that eating cake provide you also with the 1 hour buff with 10% increased drop rating? :) (note that Lucky Vinna can duplicate the buff)

  • Event timeframe: 5th November – 26th November
  • Info: All servers, all characters with lvl 10 and higher

All cube artisan in one place!
Have you got a hard time to find all cube artisans on your low level characters? Due to high demand, all cube NPCs will gather together in main cities, so don’t miss this opportunity to visit them!

  • Event timeframe: 11th November 9...
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[Aion NA] Aion 4.7 “Invasion” Official Trailer!

New update 4.7 was released on 5th Novemver 2014 in NA Aion version.

Here is the official trailer and patch notes: 4.7 Patch Notes – Invasion Let us know that you think about new content and changes! :)

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[Aion 4.7] Two new wallpapers!

Here you can find two new Aion 4.7 “Invasion” wallpapers from K-Aion. Enjoy :)

Source: Korean Aion multimedia page.

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Aion Legions – new mobile game!

NCSoft Korea is invading mobile games world with big bum! Recently they reviled mobile games for two of theirs the biggest IP: Aion and Blade & Soul. That’s right!

Game will be called “Aion Legions” and will be mostly focused on PvP aspect between Elyos and Asmodians in 5vs5 PvP mode.

It’s not all! As you see from the video above players will have the possibility to encounter world and raid bosses known from Aion Online like Raksha. Raids are planned for up to 20 players.

Current technical specifications will require at least Galaxy S2 and high-speed internet due to NCSoft cloud system.

Source: Aion Mobile on, NCSoft G-Star premiere on and Aion Legions on MMO Culture.

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