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Elsword News – Introducing the New Elsword PvP Tag Team Mode

MMORPG.com has partnered with Kill3rCombo to bring you an exclusive journal featuring the new PvP tag team mode for Elsword. Read on to learn more!

Hey Gang, we’re here to give you the low-down on a brand new Elsword PvP mode that’s right around the corner. For those keeping score, our most recent additions to Elsword have been brand new job classes for all the characters as part of the “Elsword Transformation” series. Well that is still going on—in fact, we have 2/3 of our characters to go!

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Mal wieder ein neuer bug! :D

mir ist jetzt schon öfters mal was passiert und zwar folgendes bei einem nah tod kommt ja diese rötung am rande des screens so bei mir ist das mitllerweile öfters das es einfach bleibt es geht nicht mehr weg ich muss mich komplett neu einloggen bis es dann mal weg ist und nein natürlich auch mit vollem leben :D

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HD picture


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Marvel: War of Heroes: A Guide to Victory Without Spending Money

Here are some tips and tricks from onClan for Marvel: War of Heroes help to make sense of it all and get ahead and reach to victory without spending real money. These Marvel: War of Heroes Tips can be updated daily so check back. Things can be a little tough for new players especially when all stats are recorded and shown publicly.

One of my weaknesses, I shamefully state, is my love of superheroes. As a young lad, I was an unabashed fan of both of the major capes companies, and that nostalgic affection sometimes leads me to buy into things I wouldn’t normally dream of. So, my secret confession is that whenever anything Marvel or DC pops up, I check it out for at least a little while, and that includes Marvel: War of Heroes...

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