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Elsword News – Update Promotes Add to Psychic Tracer

Elsword's ninth playable character, Add, continues his obsessive search for Nasod Tech mastery with a dangerous Nasod armor prototype. That means players level 15 and higher can choose to take Add down this Faustian path by unlocking his first Job Change – Psychic Tracer.

Once changed, Add can use the mind-controlled Nasod Armor to "extend combinations and unleash electrifying effects." Players can also use spells like Pulse Cannon, Quake Buster, Dynamo Configuration – Desolver, and Conqueror.

For more information about Add's quest for tech dominance, visit the official Elsword website.

Shadowbound Game Update 8/29

Shadowbound Update For All Servers (includingArmor Games S1)

Greetings Guardians! All Shadowbound servers will undergo update on 8/29 at the following times:

8/29 02:30 PDT 

8/29 05:30 EDT 

8/29 10:30 GMT

8/29 17:30 GMT+8

Update is expected to last about an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the update is completed! 


R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Browser-Cache leeren

Helden von Dracania,

nachfolgend haben wir für euch aufgelistet, wie ihr den Browser-Cache in verschiedenen Browsern löschen könnt:

Browser-Cache im Microsoft IE 9 leeren:

  • Drücken der Tasten “Strg” + “Shift” + “Entf”,
  • Auswahl “Temporäre Internetdateien”und “Cookies”
  • abschließend auf “Löschen” klicken.


  • Klicken auf das Zahnrad-Symbol oben rechts,
  • Auswahl “Internetoptionen”,
  • Auswahl Register “Allgemein”,
  • im Abschnitt “Browserverlauf” auf “Löschen…” klicken.
  • Es öffnet sich ein neues Fenster. Deaktivieren von “Bevorzugte Websitedaten beibehalten” und aktivieren von “Temporäre Internetdateien” und “Cookies”
  • abschließend auf “Löschen” klicken.

Browser-Cache im Mozilla Firefox leeren:

  • Drücken der Tasten “Strg” + “Shift” + “Entf”.
  • Es öffnet sich ein neues Fen...
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Guide:The 4 steps to the GameMaster

Guide:The 4 steps to the GameMaster



The available Guide is provided by collecting information in the forum and own experiences.

Contents [hide] 

1 The preparation
2 Step 1: The application writing down
3 Step 2: The application discussion
4 Step 3: The Trial-GM
5 Step 4: Finally GM

The preparation
At the beginning was the preparation – so also here. You have yourself thus decided Game Master (GM) to become. Did you think thereby also of everything? Do you fulfill the minimum requirements in the topic the GameMaster searched stand? On the one hand you should again exactly considering whether you GM become real want.
Because GM its is called could not play much work and perhaps with the normal play account no more...

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Elsword News – Transformation Evolution Begins

Kill3rCombo has announced the release of the first stage of Transformation Evolution for Elsword Online. The series of updates will see the game changing in many fundamental ways. In the first update, the Infinity Sword class is added.

The Infinity Sword class, an enhanced version of the Sheath Knight class, retains the ability to dual wield swords and gains all-new capabilities and an exciting new look. This incredibly fast melee class will also have a big impact on Elsword's PvP mode and is destined to have players developing fresh multiplayer strategies to deal with this new challenger.

Find out more on the Elsword site.

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New Server Arrival – [S10] Island of Vallona (US EAST )

Island of Vallona,the 10th server for Shadowbound will be live on August 11th at 10:00 AM EDT. Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events! 

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Hiring More People – Details Within

Hi all,

We are adding a couple more game designers to the team as we expand the number of features and content in the game.

We’re going to tailor the work assignments to the person’s skillset.

Some kind of experience with game modding tools or programming will be needed, in order to learn our internal development tools (which are fairly complicated).

In addition, all candidates will be given a prescreen test that is very involved in overall game design philosophy, problem solving and, of course, Marvel Heroes knowledge.

Check it out and apply here if interested in the Game Designer position:

A few other positions:

Main Site:

Jobs: http://ch.tbe.taleo...

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