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New Server Arrival – [S26] Pearl Glade (US EAST)

Pearl Glade, the 26th server for Shadowbound will be live on September 9th at 10:00 AM EDT. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events! 

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.24 Patch Notes

Industry City Patrol

Industry City Patrol has arrived! A brand new game mode in the vein of Midtown Patrol, Industry City Patrol has our heroes in the middle of a crime war in Brooklyn, battling their way through Maggia, A.I.M. and more! If that’s not enough, while on patrol in Industry City, multiple new events will occur including brand new bosses! Battle Batroc the Leaper, the mysterious Mindless Titan, and even the Superior Spider-Clone in challenging events that require teamwork with your fellow heroes!

New Items in Industry City Patrol!

There are many exciting new items available in the Industry City Patrol region! Batroc, the Superior Spider-Clone, the Mindless Titan, and Kirigi all drop brand new boss Medallions!

Boss Specific Unique Items:

Kirigi: Kirigi’s Katana, Sanjaku-Tenug...

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Real Name:

Clint Barton

Team Affiliations:

  • Avengers


Inspired by the exploits of Iron Man, circus archer Clint Barton decided to put on a costume and fight crime as the super-hero Hawkeye. At first he was mistaken as a criminal, but Barton eventually gained the trust of the Avengers and has served on that team with distinction many times.

In addition to his pinpoint accuracy, Hawkeye relies on a quiver full of gadget arrows with various high-tech tricks. But even without his arrows, he’s a formidable combatant thanks to hours of training with Captain America.

His sarcastic wit sometimes rubs allies the wrong way, but Hawkeye remains one of the most loyal and dedicated Avengers in the team’s history.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Select as Starting Hero
  • Unloc...
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Ankündigung DSO (Next) Twitch Live Stream 11.03.2015

MAIN_twich_offline_next_live_stream copy.jpg

Helden von Dracania,

seid dabei, am 11.03.2015 gibt es den nächsten Twitch Live Stream.

Zeitplan: 17:30 – 18:30 Uhr

Die Agenda folgt baldmöglichst.

Hier geht es zum DSO Twitch-Channel
Hier geht es zum Feedback

Euer Drakensang Online Team

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