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Shadowbound Open Alpha Announcement

A new epic strategy MMORPG is coming to R2Games! Immerse yourself in a mystical world wrought with intrigue, and build a formidable party of mercenaries from scratch! Unlock the true potential of your warriors by mastering the intricate art of battle formation. Every decision you make is the difference between glory and ruination. Take control of your own fate, and find your footing in a tilted world. 

See you on the battle field at 10:00 (7/8/2014 EDT)!

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Real Name:

Wade Wilson

Team Affiliations:

  • X-Men


As a test subject in the same Weapon X program that had previously given Wolverine his adamantium claws and skeleton, Wade Wilson received a healing factor that prevented his cancer from killing him.

Wade soon escaped the program and became a freelance mercenary using the name Deadpool, working for various criminal organizations. At times he has teamed up with heroes as well, but these attempts at “being a good guy” rarely stick for long.

Wade is mentally unstable, though whether this is a normal state or is caused by his constant state of hyper-regeneration is unknown. One side effect of his mental state is the belief that he is not a real person but actually a character in a comic book.

How to Obtain I...

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Offizielle Systemanforderungen

Helden von Dracania,

folgende Anforderungen muss euer Windows-System erfüllen damit Ihr Drakensang Online spielen könnt!

Folgende Betriebssysteme werden unterstützt:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 oder höher
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 oder höher
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 oder höher
  • 32 Bit (x86) als auch 64 Bit (x64) werden unterstützt
  • Nicht sicher? Klick mich!

Hier findest ihr die Anforderungen an die wichtigsten Hardwarekomponenten.

  • Pentium 4 2,8 GHz oder vergleichbare CPU – Für flüssiges Spielen wird eine Mehrkern CPU benötigt, also z.B. Dual-Core, Quad-Core, i3, i5 etc. – Entsprechende Aufkleber sind meist auf den Geräten oder Verpackungen zu finden.
  • Arbeitsspeicher:
    • 1GB RAM unter Windows XP
    • 2GB RAM unter Windows Vista / windows 7
  • Nvidia 6800...
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Beginner: The different types of characters

Hi everyone.

As a dear friend of my friend just started MH, I thought to all the beginners who aren’t especially into RPGs (as Hack & Slash are a variant of) so I’ll explain with more generic words.

1) The tanks

In RPGs (Role playing game), tanks are very solid characters with something to provoke the ennemies and lure them in order to them them and avoiding their allies to be attacked. These mechanics are often of two types: the cover system and the provoke system.

In MH, Tanks are easily recognizable in their skill trees with the second one system: the taunts. Note well that they don’t work against bosses and in raid, but will allow you to lure tons of mobs in open map and in group. They aren’t the characters that do the most damage, but that doesn’t man that their damages are bad,


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