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Shadowbound Update 10/16 (Completed)

Shadowbound Update for All Servers 

Greetings Guardians! All Shadowbound servers will be receiving an update on 10/16 at the following times:
· 10/16 00:30 PDT
· 10/16 03:30 EDT 
· 10/16 08:30 GMT
· 10/16 15:30 GMT+8
Update Details:
1. Aid System
2. MP Purgatory
3. More events
The update is expected to last 3 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the update is completed!
Please stay tuned on the forum for further info.

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HD picture 3


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Shadowbound Is Live!

Play Shadowbound!

Are you ready to roll? Shadowbound servers are up and ready to play. Character data is now permanent, so it’s time to etch your place into legend – play Shadowbound now!

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Offizielle Ankündigungen

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[Item Shop] Sales and discounts

From 11.02.2015 14:00 to 25.02.2015 13:59 you can find on the item shop

  • Emotion Mask (2 days) Price: 3 DCs – 2 days duration – real time
  • Emotion Mask (15 days) Discount 20% – 15 Days Duration – Real time
  • Emotion Mask (30 days) Discount 20% – 30 Days Duration – Real time
  • Modification Charm – Discount 20%
  • Dragon God Attack (DR) – Price: 39 DCs – Duration: 30m
  • Musketeer Costume – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Maid Uniform – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Salsa Suit – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Salsa Dress – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Gentleman’s Suit – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Cocktail Dress – Price: 49 DCs – Duration: 15d – Realtime
  • Musketeer Costume (Bonus) – 79 DCs – Duration: 30d – Realtime
  • Maid Uniform (Bonus) – Price: 7...
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In-Game Code of Conduct

In-Game Code of Conduct

The general rules of the Terms of Service apply to all in-game activity. You may review the ToS here:

This boils down to treating your fellow players with respect, at all times.

Our in-game moderators are not able to read every piece of chat that goes into the game, nor should we have to. If you see another player violating the Terms of Service in any way, you should use the /report functionality that’s built into the game to bring them to our attention. You can do this by typing /report in the chat box, immediately followed by the username of the player in question, along with a brief description of the issue.

We also strongly recommend the use of the /ignore feature, if you no longer want to see chat from a cert...

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Real Name:

Piotr Rasputin

Team Affiliations:

  • X-Men


Piotr Rasputin grew up on a farm in Russia until Professor Xavier recruited him to join the X-Men. He is a loyal teammate, using his powerful armored form to protect his comrades in battle. His great physical strength conceals his quiet soul as an artist.

Piotr has an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde. His sister, Illyana Rasputin, is the mutant sorceress known as Magik.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Select as Starting Hero
  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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