1. The 8v8 Rumble is unlocked at level 31. Players are divided into tiers based on their levels (10 levels per tier). You can only enter the arena for your tier.

2. Up to 16 players can get in the same arena, and they belong to one of two factions: Azure and Crimson.

3. An arena is open for 30 minutes, which include 5 minutes of preparation and 25 minutes of battle.

4. If you leave the arena before it is over, you will need to wait 3 minutes before you can enter again, and you will be assigned a faction randomly.

5. You may enter the event as many times as you want every day, but you can only get rewards the first time.

6. Players who have no change in their Valor or battle activity for over 5 minutes will be kicked out of the arena.