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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.25 Patch Notes

Patch Overview

This week’s patch focuses on fixing major Industry City Patrol issues and bringing back our Cosmic Chaos event!

Event: Cosmic Chaos Returns!

Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot – All cosmic Terminal bosses, every time.

Cosmic Questions Answered – 42% server-side multiplicative boost to Rare Item Find, Special Item Find and Experience for all your heroes.

Cosmic Prestige Doubled – Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week.

Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon – An honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and daughter of Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon is no stranger to cosmic chaos. During the Cosmic Chaos event, Moondragon will exchange Cosmic Worldstones for a variety of items:

The Doop rune has an increased chance of dropping from all doops during th...

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Mounts introduction



How do I get a mount?
Once you reach level 20 on the Knowledge Tree, you unlock the Mount talent and gain the ability to purchase and ride a mount. They can be purchased for coins or andermant at a Grizmek, the Tamer, in Kingshill, Jarlshofn and Ellonidos. Be on the lookout for Gnob, the Event merchant, who sells horses for draken. Mounts may also be rewarded for participation in special events. 

What does the mount do?
The mount will increase the player’s travel speed in urban areas and out in the wilderness and dungeons. Speed buffs (like those given by the fairy) will stack.

Can I attack while on a mount?
No, you are unable to deal any damage or use any skills while on your mount. When you attack, you will be dismounted.

What is the difference between mounts?
Besides the cos...

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Guide:How to change your account E-mail

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1 How to change your E-mail

1.1 Step 1: Login
1.2 Step 2: Your Account
1.3 Step 3: Changing your e-mail

2 What to do if your account e-mail address has been changed without your consent

How to change your E-mail
You’re account is connected to an e-mail address upon activation. Some players wish to change the e-mail connected to their account for various reasons, this guide will tell you how to do this. It should also be noted that the e-mail linked to your account should be different from your messenger service, this includes msn, yahoo, aim, jabber, ICQ etc, as key-loggers can be sent using these instant messengers. Staff will not replace any lost items as a result of key-loggers being used to compromise players accounts.

Step 1: Login
To do this, you will first need t...

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Maintenance shifted this week

Dear players,

as tomorrow we have a bank holiday and no one in GF will be at work, the maintenance will be shifted from Tuesday, 06.01.2015 to Wednesday, 07.01.2015.

Metin2 Team

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[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 01.10.2014 14:00 to 15.10.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

  • Lion Certificate
  • Blessing Marble
  • Gold Box Package
  • Silver Box Package
  • Bronze Box Package
  • Language Ring

your Metin2 team

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