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[No Longer Updated] Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

My life has become too busy to keep this updated. Please go here to get up to date information on artifacts and other ways to easy know what is good and what is not in Marvel Heroes 2015: http://jm.shost.ca/useful-artifacts/ Please be aware that when new artifacts/uniques are added, they may not have any heroes listed next to them for a while. If you are unsure, google the name and see how far in the past the item has existed. Also, Gaz tries to keep special artifacts/uniques drops listed here: https://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/57156/guide-specific-loot-drops/p1 although it may lag behind. For example, another great site is http://marvelheroes.info/item/1340 which will show you a zone/boss artifact recently added that Doomsaw has not updated.

Triple check your artifacts to...

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Illomustre’s & Admiralgeneral’s Fast Leveling Guide.

**Before you start : **

This guide is Focussed on FAST leveling and you will need a good amount of Credits to do this, we have found that it costs anywhere from 1-2.5 million credits depending on how fast you want to level. Also this guide is not for the players who have just joined but for the more experienced player who just wants to prestige or level a new character they have just unlocked quickly

Go to Chapter 7 Sinister Lab Normal/heroic/Superheroic Storyline for the 2h Buff
just do the quest and Kill Sinister than talk to Xavier.

Go to Chapter 4 Upper east side HEROIC mode for the mole man Medaillion. +10% XP Max.
Not far From spawn go North-east than East to find a big hole in the ground and enter the cave
find the mole man at the end of the cave and kill him to get the medaillio...

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Guide:How to retrieve a lost password

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1 How to retrieve a lost/forgotten password

1.1 Step 1: Making the forgotten password request
1.2 Step 2: Authenticating ownership
1.3 Step 3: Creating your new password

How to retrieve a lost/forgotten password
Sometimes players can forget their password in which to log into the game, this happens a lot with new users or players who’ve had to change their password recently due to their account having being accessed illegally.

Step 1: Making the forgotten password request
first navigate to the home page http:/Metin-2.com/ On this page located to the right is a box headed by the word ‘Login”, with 2 boxes which normally you would’ve entered your account ID and Password...

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Forum Text Testing






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