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Shadowbound – Event Changes

Dear Guardians,

With the arrival of our newest version, the 3v3 Arena event at 20:40 has been replaced by Guild Wars!
Guild leaders can register on Monday and the Guild Wars will start on Tuesday. Join and fight for your guild’s honor!

Learn more about Guild Wars!

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New Server Arrival – [S18] Graybrook (US EAST)

Graybrookthe 18th server for Shadowbound will be live on August 28th at 10:00 AM EDT. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events! 

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Shadowbound Events for 3/7 to 3/11

Single Recharge
Duration: 3/7 00:00 – 3/10 23:59 (excludes new servers opened in the past 7 days)
Description: Recharge the required amounts in a single recharge to receive fantastic rewards. Only the highest-tier reward you’re qualified for can be collected.
Click the Hot Events icon to enter.

Rags to Riches
Duration: 3/7 00:00 – 3/10 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Spend Diamonds to draw for items during the event. You even have a chance to receive Diamonds and Legendary Talisman Shards, which can be synthesized into a Legendary Talisman!
Click the Rags to Riches icon to enter.
Rewards: Diamonds, New Mount: Golden Lion Shard, Pet Skill Pack, Gem Pack and more!

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Holiday Chest in Item Shop!

Dear players,

We got a special offer for you. From 24.12.2014 00:00 (local time) till 26.12.2014 23:59 (local time) you got the opportunity to purchase the famous Holiday Chest in our Item Shop. Take your chance!

This chest, decked in a festive fir-tree green contains a Christmas surprise. May Contain; Reinforce Item, Blacksmith Handbook, Dragon Scroll, Blessing Marble, Blessing Scroll, Book of the Leader, Passage Ticket, Stone Handbook, Medal of the Dragon, Blessing of Life, Magic Stone, Christmas Costumes for male and female (15 or 30 days with bonus), xmas hat for male and female (15 or 30 days with bonus).

Note, this chest is NOT for Lycan


Metin2 Team

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