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Elsword News – Bigger, Badder Baddies! New Field Bosses

Kill3rCombo introduced nine new menacing Field Boss Monsters that bring greater challenges to the Fields of Battle than ever before.  The Fields of Battle, launched in June, dramatically changed the entire Elsword world making it four times larger and allowing players to engage in combat with a multitude of new allies and enemies, and now players must face the greatest opponent that each of the seven distinct Fields offers. Check out this exclusive developer diary for more!

These new Field Boss Monsters pose a much greater challenge to defeat than normal bosses found outside the field areas and main dungeons. Players will have to summon all of their skills to defeat them, and partying-up is a must...

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Shadowbound Update 1/29

All Shadowbound servers will be receiving an update on 1/29 at the following times:

· 1/29 00:00 PST
· 1/29 03:00 EST
· 1/29 08:00 GMT
· 1/29 16:00 GMT+8

The update is expected to last 3 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the update is completed!

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2015 Patch 1.3X Video Guides – Updated for 1.38

Patch 1.30

A solid foray to welcome MH patches in the New Year – Cosmic Chaos, BAMFs (yes, that was awhile ago, but STILL! BAMF!), Arachne released for Team-Up advance pack buyers, permanent event vendors, bug fixes, and more!



  • Welcome the new year with the Cosmic Chaos Event!, now with purchasable Doop runes!
  • ALL event vendors (OMEGA, Chaos, and ARMOR) are now permanently in the Western part of Avengers’ tower
  • Sooo much with the bug squishing….
  • Welcome BACK DEVS!! (not that I believe anyone fully left during the break….)

Check the patch notes here!

Patch 1.31

Omega (plus BONUS!!) is active, Hulk 52 review is here, The Deadpool Kid team-up arrives, numerous costumes, and more!



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[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 29.10.2014 14:00 to 05.11.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

  • Ring of Successor
  • Experience Ring
  • Skill Reset Document
  • Stone Handbook

your Metin2 team

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