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Ankündigung Warnung – Neues Gruppensystem mit R144

Hallo Helden von Dracania

Mit der Synchronisation von R144, die wahrscheinlich am Mittwoch stattfinden wird (Nähere Informationen folgen), gibt es ein neues Gruppensystem.

Solltet ihr in einer Gruppe sein,wird diese automatisch mit dem Aufspielen des R144 aufgelöst.
Wenn ihr nach dem Aufspielen mit der gleichen Gruppe spielen wollt, denkt bitte daran, die Spieler eurer Freundesliste hinzuzufügen, damit ihr sie danach wieder einladen könnt.



Wir bitten um Entschuldigung falls dies zu Unannehmlichkeiten führt, jedoch ist dies technisch nicht anders möglich.

Euer Drakensang Online Team

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Elsword News – Addâ

Add, the 9th playable character, to the next 2nd Job Class: Mastermind. As Add’s power and mastery over Nasod technology has grown, so has the strength and tenacity of his enemies. Unnerved at the growing threat, Add decides to destroy the limitations of the Arc Tracers Job class and become… Mastermind.

Read more of KOG Games' Elsword: Add’s Job Class – Mastermind.

Elsword News - Addâ  Elsword News - Addâ

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An Open invitation to newbie raiders / A weekend class in how to raid.

Copied from my post in the raid forums

Despite many of us veteran raiders thinking that greens are pushovers, I know that there are a bunch of players that find the ordeal overwhelming. If you are one of those people and looking at this post, Twisted Family wants to invite you to a small event we are doing. This Saturday, 1/10/2015 at 3pm EST, We will be forming a raid group with interested parties.

Experienced players will check out your gear, make suggestions, help you get raid ready. We expect this to last about an hour to take care of the people in the group. From there we will go on into a green raid and explain in depth each boss set, as we get to it, and the primary raid mechanic used.

We ask that the people interested reply here, tag me so I know, and be ready promptly at the afor...

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Lolly available in the IS for a limited time!

From 10.03.2015 00:00 to 10.03.2015 23:59 this amazing Lolly will be available in the Item Shop.

You can enjoy this Lolly without regret. It doesn’t just taste scrumptiously sweet, its well-guarded secret recipe gives you the strength to overcome all enemies and increases the collection of experience points.
For 7 days, it provides +50% experience points, +20% attack speed, +20% casting speed, +30% damage, +10% maximum HP and +10% maximum SP.

Note: its effects start directly after purchase and cannot be deactivated!

Try it out!

Metin2.co.uk Team

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