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Elsword News – Mounts, New Dungeons, New Level Cap

Elsword has been updated with the year's first major patch that includes the mount system, new dungeons and a new level cap for players aching to extend their game experience even further.

Delivering excitement at every turn, Elsword’s new mount system will have players quickly traveling from village to village at breakneck speeds.  Three different mounts are available at launch. Mounts automatically come with enhanced defenses to ward off monster attacks, and each Mount has their very own arsenal of attacks including heat-seeking missiles, epic laser flares and kickin’ incinerator death-breath.  Regardless of which Mount you pick, they have you covered with just the push of a button...

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Download sehr langsam


mein Freund möchte nun auch beginnen, Drakensang zu spielen und hat sich vohin den Clienten runtergeladen.
Nun werden die Spieldaten geladen. Allerdings läuft der Download nun schon seit locker 1,5 Stunden und es wurden erst 11 MB geladen, während bei mir der gesamte Download in knapp 45 Minuten durch war.
Woran kann das denn liegen?



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Technischer Support

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Emma Frost

Real Name:

Emma Frost

Team Affiliations:

  • X-Men


For most of her life, Emma Frost thought only of her own needs and goals, seeing humanity as inferior to her own mutant race. She used her intelligence, charm, and telepathic powers to accumulate great wealth. Soon she joined the mysterious Hellfire Club, a group secretly dedicated to world domination. For years she helped that group gain the political and economic influence it desired, often clashing with the X-Men.

Over time, however, Emma came to see the teaching of young mutants as her true calling. Eventually she allied with Professor Charles Xavier and her former enemies, becoming a full-fledged member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier School.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity ...
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