A (Mostly) Comprehensive Guide For New Players – New Video Added for MH 2015 – Updated for 1.38

I’ve been seeing a lot of questions both in Social and on the forums regarding certain, somewhat basic but confusing aspects of this amazing game. In an attempt to answer at least a decent portion of them, I created this video to help out.


Since this can, at the very least, be described as an enormous, frightening behemoth, I not only indexed this new video, I also put in subindices as well as ‘return to main menu’ buttons at each one. I think it’ll help a good bit with the basic navigation. As before, here they are for forum purposes.

Basic Controls and Settings – Starts at 0:01:34

  • Movement, use of powers
  • Help menu
  • Gameplay/keybinding settings
  • Shift+Left click = use left click attack without clicking an enemy
  • Ctrl+Left click = move with enemies around
  • Use medkits with M – they restore your health and spirit

Powers and Characters – Starts at 0:08:24

  • Discuss power types (basic vs. spirit spenders, etc.)
  • Typical build type (Solid basic, movement, AOE, single target spirit spender for bosses, passives)
  • New build versatility with 164 total power points to spend
  • Multiple power bars for different builds and/or roles
  • Generalized builds:
    1. Melee – up close and personal
    2. Ranged – away from the main action
    3. Hybrid – range when you can, melee when you need. This can also refer to damage types (see below)
  • Starter heroes – Currently 11 to choose from, with a large array of abilities and power types

Stats, User Interface, and Windows – Starts 0:16:28

  • Map – TAB to full screen it
  • Quest tracker – click bar on the right to switch quest type (shared, LQ, story, instance)
  • XP bar – above powers, right click to view Omega XP
  • Health and “spirit” (new, unique resources are used as well)
  • Powers window – P
    1. Updated in 1.15 to have Powers, OMEGA, and Hero Synergies all in one window
  • Social Window – O
    1. Friends, Supergroup, Ignored, Nearby
    2. Right-Click on a person to invite to party, trade, whisper, etc.
    3. ADDITIONAL TIP! – Ctrl+Right click on a person on the main screen to get options like party invite, trade, and whisper
  • Achievements – V
  • In-Game Store – X
    1. Use G (real money represented in-game) to buy boosts, heroes, costumes, and more
    2. If you can spare the $$, definitely some worthwhile things here
  • Character Change and Team-Up – T
    1. Your hero roster – select a character to play, a difficulty (drop-down menu at bottom left of window) and click change
    2. Team-Ups are similar to sidekicks – call them with K or by Left-clicking their portrait in the power bar
    3. For team-ups, select the tab, the one you want, and “make active” to have your current hero utilize them
  • Inventory Window – C (character only) or I (character and Team-Up)
    1. You can view character stats and bio here in addition to replacing gear
    2. Character stats (Durability, Energy, Intelligence, etc.) give a bonus with each point. Check out what they do here
  • Quest Log – L
  • General tip for windows – press spacebar to close them all rather than closing them one by one

Gear and Vendors – Starts at 0:31:55

  • Gear ranking and levels
  • Ubiquitous vendors

Crafting and the Crafter – starts at 0:43:00

  • Vastly important vendor (costume upgrades, unique upgrades, blessing swap)
  • Level this one first – Donate unwanted/unusable items by Alt+Right-click when talking to vendors

Runes and the Enchanter – starts at 0:56:31

  • Runes are found more efficiently by increasing SiF (special item find).
  • Runes can be used at the enchanter to improve gear
    1. Uru-forged items can receive runewords (requiring several runes). Uru-Forged come in level 25 and level 50 ‘flavors’
    2. Gear slots 1-5 can receive enchantments (single rune)
    3. Artifacts can be blessed (100 odin marks)
  • Level the enchanter second

Odin’s Palace Specific Vendors – starts at 1:03:44

  • Legendary item vendor – 300 odin marks each but well worth it
  • Siege case vendor
  • PvP rings

Inventory Management – starts at 1:07:57

  • Check out the second part of my comment here to see some of my inventory management tips
  • Suffice it to say – really strapped? ONLY keep high-quality stuff for whatever character you’re playing

Leveling and the Story – Starts at 1:24:04

“Sidequests” and Additional Advancement – Starts at 1:30:32

  • Sidequest = anything used heavily for leveling that’s not the main story (Legendary and Shared Quests)
  • Additional advancements – Hero Synergies and the Omega System

Legendary Quests – Starts at 1:30:43

  • Unlocked at level 20
  • Give XP, credits, and Odin Marks
  • Best way to level post-20
  • Take place in terminals, Midtown (Holo-Sim), or the story

Shared Quests – Starts at 1:35:30

  • See info with “L”
  • Meant to complement LQ’s
  • Once completed, gives Omega point and reward chest (plus a bonus chest if first completion of the day)
  • Reward chest gives a random number of Odin Marks
  • Great to grind while in Midtown doing LQ’s there

Hero Synergies – Starts at 1:44:37

  • Access this with “P”
  • At levels 25 and 50, characters can give special bonuses to others
  • 10 are allowed to be assigned per character
  • Ramp up your offense, defense, item/credit find and XP
  • Re-allocate at anytime, just as long as you’re in a hub

Omega System – Starts at 1:50:27

  • Also accessed with “P” (was V until patch 1.15)
  • Omega points are obtained separately from XP, synergies, etc.
  • Points are account-wide, not character exclusive
  • Similarly to Hero synergies, these allow further customization of your characters by adding numerous buffs ranging from increased health to upped dodge and damage
  • Re-allocate with a retcon potion

Characters, the store, and Free-to-Play – Starts at 1:57:41

  • 3 Primary methods for acquiring characters:

Eternity Splinters – Starts at 1:58:30

  • Free method for getting characters (all can be obtained)
  • Save for a specific one or go random?
  • Splinters can also be used for rare crafting materials and to visit COWS!

The In-Game Store – Starts at 2:01:18

  • Go ROCKET!!!
  • Use G to buy all sorts of goodies, from boosts to pets to heroes and costumes

Marvel Heroes Website Bundles – Starts at 2:08:07

  • Bundles include the hero, their specific STASH tab, one or 2 additional costumes (typically), a retcon potion, and a few fortune cards
  • Not terribly expensive and you get a decent amount for what you pay

Marvel Heroes and Free-to-Play – 2:09:27

  • Many games (we’re looking at you, social media) are free-to-play, but it frequently becomes pay-to-win
  • Marvel Heroes is different in that sense; you cannot directly purchase progress arbitrarily
    1. If you play, you will be rewarded, simple as that
    2. You’d be surprised how much free stuff the developers give out 0.o
  • Many purchasable items are purely aesthetic and thus more flair than anything else

Player Interaction – Starts at 2:15:44

  • Interaction is fairly extensive in and out of game. In-game is primarily based around the social window and chat

Social window – Starts at 2:16:20

  • Friends, Supergroup, Ignored, Nearby
  • Right-Click on names to initiate inspection, whisper, trade, etc.

Supergroups – Starts at 2:17:26

  • Good potential build-in friend group
  • Start your own for less than 2,000 credits
  • Currently no specific capabilities, but on the way

LFG, Parties, and Social – 2:18:49

  • LFG – chat channel for finding parties (Looking for Group)
    1. Help with a boss?
    2. Need some people for grinding shared and/or LQ’s?
  • Ctrl-Click on a person in the main UI to get party invite, whisper, inspect options
  • When in a party, defeats by any member count for all
  • Social channel – exactly what it sounds like

Trading – Starts at 2:22:35

  • Trading is an option when in a ‘person’s menu’ – i.e. right clicking in friends/nearby
  • Trade window opens, allows for 1:1 exchange of items
  • Far more desirable than dropping stuff on the training room floor

Endgame and Phat Lootz!!! – Starts at 2:26:06

  • RiF and Sif = how you get stuff
    1. RiF = equippable items (artifacts, uniques, uru-forged)
    2. SiF = “stand-alone” items (runes, potions, relics)

Midtown Manhattan – Starts at 2:31:06

  • Great place to grind for gear
  • Awesome location for Shared and Legendary Quests

X-Defense – Starts at 2:33:22

  • Available immediately in-game
  • Wave defense mode
  • Chest after non-boss waves and decent good one at the end
  • Higher waves end up giving good loot
  • Relatively easy; 5 people and unlimited defeats allowed

Holo-Sim – Starts at 2:37:35

  • Available immediately in-game
  • SImilar to X-Def – wave defense
  • More difficult – only 2 people and limited to 2 defeats
  • Loot can be better (chest after each wave plus end chest)
  • More unique styles of waves

Terminals – Starts at 2:39:15

  • Unlock at level 20
  • 3 levels:
    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. Cosmic (only available at level 60)
  • Red and green give cube shards, which can be traded in for numerous things at the shard vendor
  • Cosmics give bounty chest(s) with higher chance for better loot

One-Shot Stories – Starts at 2:49:45

  • Mini-stories that act as sorts of off-shoots from the main campaign
  • Longer time commitment to finish, but good gear in the end
  • HIGHLY recommended to have multiple people

Raids – Starts at 2:51:59

  • First off – VERY DIFFICULT
  • Only designed for 10 players, does NOT scale for fewer
  • Because of the difficulty, highly advised to be with a team you know and can speak to
  • Gear explosions for bosses, but you should come in with good gear already

Cows Cows Cows. And Cows – Starts at 2:55:34

  • 2 levels:
    1. Confidential Bovine Sector
    2. Bovenhiem
  • Bovenhiem better for end-game (level 60 gear)
  • Both have a frightening number of possessed cows
  • Lots of mobs = lots of loot rolling

PvP – Starts at 2:58:29

  • Relatively popular, but primarily with specific groups
  • Separate scaling from PvE
  • Allows you to earn PvP rings as rewards (via crowns of valor)

Leveling More Characters – Starts at 3:00:59

  • After you’re done with a character, playing another (or several) can keeping everything feeling fresh
  • Played a ranged? Try melee!
  • Etc. etc. etc.
  • Playing more characters will also give you better bonuses for your hero XP synergy, making leveling even easier

Prestige – Starts at 3:05:30

  • Have a character you really enjoy? Prestige them!
  • “Ancient Gourd of Prestige” purchasable for 10 cube shards from shard vendor
  • Color name change, an additional costume, and access to the special prestige pets

Additional Tips and Hints – Start at 1:22:02

  • DOOP! (weird looking green guy) – always take him down if you see him = lootz explode!
  • Forums (aka this site) – great general information about the game
  • MarvelBase – great site for build guides, item max roll potentials, etc.

Newest Content and Ongoing Information – Starts at 3:14:01

  • Anniversary event – presents and CAKE!!

Ongoing Updates and Upcoming Content – Starts at 3:22:53

  • Soon-to-be-here heroes
    1. Silver Surfer
    2. Mr. Fantastic
    3. Nova (about time)
  • Achievements (2014 calendar year at some point)
  • I will continuously update with new information as patches are released, with small videos – see below for ongoing summary

Closing Remarks/Thoughts – Starts at 3:25:46

  • Great game, fun game, play it
  • Continual additions of new content
  • Great universe, great developers
  • Above all – play how YOU enjoy!

Also, see below for my continuing updates.

Ongoing Updates

Here I will list the major changes/additions/events that come up with new patches. Enjoy!

Patch Group 1.0X

Patch Group 1.1X

  • Star Lord Released in patch 1.10
  • GotG team-ups released in patch 1.10 – Drax, Groot, and Gamora
  • Raid is officially green version in 1.10
  • Rocket Raccoon’s 52 review in 1.10
  • UI and Optimization updates in 1.10
  • Omega system is live in 1.11
  • Iron Man’s Level 52 review in 1.11
  • IMPORTANT UI updated in 1.15
    1. “P” (powers) window now contains character powers, hero synergies, and OMEGA
    2. “L” (quest log) is now main quests (story) and shared quests
    3. “V” (Misc.) is now login reward tracking and soon-to-arrive achievements
    4. Currency tab in character window “Stores” any and all spendable items, credits, G, etc. Saves storage space!
  • Rogue released in patch 1.15
  • She-Hulk and King Odin team-ups released in 1.15
  • Cybernetics System for pets added in 1.15
  • Jean Grey’s 52 Review in 1.15
  • Waypoints by account basis starting in patch 1.15; no more swapping out to help out alts!
  • Initial account quests extended to introduce new players to X-Def, Holo-Sim, MM, etc. starting in 1.15
  • Bronx Zoo one-shot added in patch 1.16
  • Red Raid out of beta in 1.19
  • Advance Pack 2 is available!

Patch Group 1.2X

Patch Group 1.3X

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