Aion 4.5 Steel Cavalry Patch Notes

aion new wings
Aion 4.5 Steel Cavalry Patch Notes are finally here. Along with the new Aethertech class game update introduces new skills, features, and the brand new Glory Point system. In the list below we summarized new and exciting feature of Steel Cavalry, and
detailed patch notes can be found here

  1. The Aethertech class has been added to the game
  2. New instances Illuminary Obelisk, Iron Wall Warfront, Upper Abyss, Engulfed Ophidan Bridge, Lucky Danuar Reliquary have been added to the Idian Depths and the Upper Abyss
  3. New skills have been added for existing classes
  4. The Glory Points system has been added
  5. New campaigns and quests have been added for the Aethertech class
  6. New items have been added for the Aethertech class
  7. A function has been added to write memos on the friend list
  8. New hairstyles have been added
  9. Siege times have changed

Note: Thanks AionBahaliel for new wings screenshot

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