Aion Firefox extension released

Aion Firefox plugin image Nicki Faulk of the Aion Fanlisting fame used some great programming skills to help the Aion community. Presenting a unique plug-in for those of you using Firefox to browse the internet – Aionfox. After installing this plug-in you’ll get a new menu in your browser with shortcuts to all things Aion related. The plugin is localized for NA (US), UK, DE, and FR NCsoft sites and works with Firefox 1.0-3.5.* . It is still in the experimental phase, but I’ve been testing it for weeks now without a problem so I can recommend it to everyone. You can find and install the plugin at the official Firefox add-ons page:

You might also want to checkout her iGoogle widget that shows the current Aion server status on your iGoogle page (or any website for that matter). The widget and JavaScript code can be found at :

On a related note, a new iPhone app for Aion was released yesterday: “Aion U” by Lovellasoft. It’s a simple character lookup app, but hopefully it will evolve with more features. (News tip by Nicki Faulk as well – what can I say – she’s a champ!).

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