Alt Guide – Rewards per Chapter; Marvel Heroes 2015 patch 1.27 Updated

This post is to essentially give you the list of rewards. Taking you through all the chapters.

All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.

Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).

The #’s are the starting of certain quest lines. For some quests you may enter them mid quest-line and still receive the reward.

/RNG/ = Random drop or find

Italicized = Quest Reward


Unfortunately you must complete this part on every hero.


Prologue — Queens


Prologue — The Raft


Chapter 1

  1. + 25 PERMANENT HEALTH Enter the Blood Rose -> Defeat Doctor Octopus -> Speak with Cloak

Chapter 2

  1. CREDITS Speak with Ben Urich -> Speak with Agent Schector (Jersey Docks) -> Defeat Q36

  2. + 1 POWER POINT Defeat Hood ->Speak with Maria Hill

  3. ORBS Speak with Jessica Jones -> Speak with Maria Hill

  4. RARITY DROP BOOST 2 HOURS /RNG/ Old Videotape (drop off random mob) -> Speak with Brian Walsh (Jersey Docks) -> Defeat Taskmaster -> Speak with Brian Walsh (Jersey Docks)

Chapter 3

  1. VENDOR SUMMON Go to Madripoor -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small-> Enter Hydra Outpost (Buccaneer Beach) -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small

  2. YUKIO’S CHARM ARTIFACT Speak with Yukio (Lowtown) -> Find Muramasa blade pieces -> Speak with Yukio (Lowtown)

  3. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Enter Bamboo Forest -> Go to Poison Glade instance entrance -> Destroy Snake Boss and Snake Statue and kill the boss

  4. SHIELD MOTION TRACKER ARTIFACT Speak with Agent Wood (Barbershop entrance in Lowtown)

  5. CRAFTER SUMMON Speak with Agent Olsen (Barbershop entrance in Lowtown)

  6. ORBS Go into Hand Tower instance -> Defeat Eelctra -> Speak with Ben Urich

Chapter 4

  1. RETCON DEVICE Defeat Bullseye (instance in Police Station)

  2. + 1 POWER POINT Go to Fisk Tower Instance -> Defeat Bullseye, Elektra, & Kingpin -> Get the Tablet of Life and Time -> Speak with Maria Hill

Chapter 5

  1. + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH Find the Old Trainyard instance in the Underground -> Defeat Jugernaut -> Speak with Professor X

Chapter 6

  1. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Go to through the Outer Compound to the Inner Compound –> Find Command Bunker Instance Entrance -> Defeat Pyro -> Defeat Magneto -> Speak with William Stryker -> Return to X-mansion -> Speak with Professor X


  1. KAZAR’S PENDANT ARTIFACT Find Sauron’s Cave Entrance (Dinasaur Jungle area) -> Defeat Sauron -> Speak with Kazar

  2. + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH Go to Evolution Facility in Mutate Marsh -> Defeat Miniboss & Destroy computer

  3. MAHT’S ARROWHEAD ARTIFACT Speak with Maht the Bug Hunter (Fall Tribe area) -> In Sauron’s Cave destroy little bug and big bug -> Go to Thunder River and destroy flying bug -> go to Mutate Marsh and enter Evolution Facility -> destroy Apollo Bug -> Speak with Maht again

  4. + 1 POWER POINT Enter Science Station (Thunder River) -> Pick up brood biomass -> go to lab then place antidote into ventilation system

  5. EXPERIENCE BOOST 2 HOUR POTION Find Sinister’s Lab in Mutate Marsh -> Defeat Sinister

Chapter 8

  1. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Speak with Fury -> Go to Hydra Outpost -> Speak with Agent Meijess -> Destroy Hulkbusters & Defeat Madame Hydra -> Enter Second part of instance -> Defeat Mandarin

Chapter 9

  1. + 1 POWER POINT Speak with Maria Hill -> Go to Norway -> Go to Ancient Ruins in northern Norway -> Speak with Heimdall

  2. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Speak to Fandral -> Travel to Lower Asguard -> Defeat Malekieth -> Travel to Canals of Asguard -> Defeat Malekieth again -> Travel back to Odins Palace -> Speak to Volstagg -> Defeat Loki (Twice, Normal and then Superpowered)

  3. Asguardian Siege Case- first time through the story Speak to Einherjar (Lower Asguard) -> Collect Spirits of Ivaldi (Lower Asguard) and Spirits of Yamir (Norway) -> Return to Asguard Crafter

Thats It — if you are looking to only do the quests that give you +Power Points +Health and +Spirit you’re all set. Hopefully this makes it easier to skip the quests that don’t give your alts any benefit such as Orbs or +credits.
Each time through the story you recieve – 125 Health, 4 Power Points, 20 Spirit, 3 Potions (1 Rarity, 1 retcon, 1 experience), 1 vendor summon, 1 crafter summon, 1 clickable inventory, and 4 Artifacts.



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