An Open invitation to newbie raiders / A weekend class in how to raid.

Copied from my post in the raid forums

Despite many of us veteran raiders thinking that greens are pushovers, I know that there are a bunch of players that find the ordeal overwhelming. If you are one of those people and looking at this post, Twisted Family wants to invite you to a small event we are doing. This Saturday, 1/10/2015 at 3pm EST, We will be forming a raid group with interested parties.

Experienced players will check out your gear, make suggestions, help you get raid ready. We expect this to last about an hour to take care of the people in the group. From there we will go on into a green raid and explain in depth each boss set, as we get to it, and the primary raid mechanic used.

We ask that the people interested reply here, tag me so I know, and be ready promptly at the aforementioned time. This is meant for people that have never successfully raided, primarily.

TL;DR : If you have never raided and find the idea a little scary, we want to fix that.

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