Battle of Wits is a quiz event where players answer true or false questions from the system.

When the event starts, a question appears on the screen for 30 seconds, during which players can choose their answers by going to the areas marked with “√” and “×” respectively. The system will then judge if the players are correct or not.

If a players choose the correct answer, they get rewards. However, when players make 3 mistakes in total, they will be transformed into black or white alpacas, depending on the characters’ gender.

Once players are transformed into alpacas, they can move and chat, but their answers will no longer be effective and they won’t get any more rewards.

If the alpaca players’ guilds have members who are have not been disqualified and are still answering questions correctly, then the alpaca players get some rewards as well.

When players leave the event, they turn back into their normal forms.

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(Battle of Wits)