Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 41.
Click the Crusades icon to enter. Name:  Crusades.jpg
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1. Clear 15 stages one by one to earnrewards. You can claim a small chest for every stage cleared; every three stagesyou can claim a large chest.
2. Before you start, select 6 mercenaries and one pet forthe Crusade. While crusading, only selected units are available for formationchanges. All selected units will automatically be granted stats based on yourbest Battle Rating. So select mercenaries without worrying about theirequipment and Talismans.
3. If your party members lose HP during the Crusade, theywill recover HP from the HP reserve at the end of each battle. Clear as manylevels as you can to earn awesome rewards before the reserve HP is depleted.
4. The Crusades can be reset once perday. VIP1s or higher, you can reset an extra time.
5. Tons of Alae Ore and Gem Packsawait!