Beginner Guide: Mercenary Card Collection

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Requirement: Level 25

How to access: Click the Merc Icon on the main toolbar

The Mercenary Card system allows players to view all types of mercenaries and whether or not they have been collected yet. Every time a new mercenary is recruited, it will be added to the player’s collection within the card system.

The Mercenary Card system contains 10 tabs which display the various kinds of mercenaries available. Additionally, collecting mercenaries can earn players combos which will earn them permanent combo stats as well as neat gift packs.

· There are 13 normal card combos, plus 1 hidden combo. Cards can be found in dungeons, the Market and by crafting.
· Each card has unique stats with bonus combo stats.
· Cards can be split into card shards and used to craft other cards. Hidden cards can only be split into Potent Shards.
· Upgrading card and combo potentials will yield great stat bonuses!

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