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[Aion NA] Aion 4.7 “Invasion” Official Trailer!

New update 4.7 was released on 5th Novemver 2014 in NA Aion version.

Here is the official trailer and patch notes: 4.7 Patch Notes – Invasion Let us know that you think about new content and changes! :)

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[Aion 4.7] Two new wallpapers!

Here you can find two new Aion 4.7 “Invasion” wallpapers from K-Aion. Enjoy :)

Source: Korean Aion multimedia page.

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Aion Legions – new mobile game!

NCSoft Korea is invading mobile games world with big bum! Recently they reviled mobile games for two of theirs the biggest IP: Aion and Blade & Soul. That’s right!

Game will be called “Aion Legions” and will be mostly focused on PvP aspect between Elyos and Asmodians in 5vs5 PvP mode.

It’s not all! As you see from the video above players will have the possibility to encounter world and raid bosses known from Aion Online like Raksha. Raids are planned for up to 20 players.

Current technical specifications will require at least Galaxy S2 and high-speed internet due to NCSoft cloud system.

Source: Aion Mobile on, NCSoft G-Star premiere on and Aion Legions on MMO Culture.

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[Aion 4.8] Official multimedia

Are you eager to check how new zones, instances, skills and items from update 4.8 “Winds of Fate. Rhapsody 1 – New World”? Take a look and share with us your opinion regarding the new world and game design! :)

New zones (click to enlarge)

New instances (click to enlarge)

New towns/garrisons (click to enlarge)

New items / gear (click to enlarge)

New class skills (click to enlarge)

Source: Aion 4.8 main page on Korean PowerBook.

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[Aion 4.7] Changes in manastone socketing system!

Have you ever spent endless nights farming for your manastones only to fail and burn all of them on last slot? After nearly 6 years of Aion life, NCSoft Korea had heard players voices and made changes to manastone socketing system in latest update released at 20th of August 2014!

How manastone socketing system was changed?
From now on, if player fails to socket manastone it will destroy manastone ONLY in the slot player tried to socket, not all!!! So after the fail previous socketed manastones will stay! :)


After update

Previously manastone system could be tricky. On one hand you could be lucky and socket 6-slot item only with 6 manastones or spent houndreds on manastones and got nothing. With the latest update, the consumption of manastons would be reduced.

PowerBook Manas...

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[K-Aion] Official video from developing team

I bet, that many Aion players would like to have a glimpse of developing process of NCSoft’s game like Aion. Recently NCSoft Korea has released official video which allows players to have a small insight into developing of Aion’s newest update called “The New World”.

During the video we can see interview of several different development team such as music designers, designers of PC (players characters) and NPC graphics and much more!

The D-Day (première day) of new patch is 3rd of December 2014 on Korean live servers.

Source: Korean “The New Would” official page.

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[K-Aion] New cabinets in Aion Store!

Are you one of these players, who always lack inventory/bank space? No worries! NCSoft Korea is thinking also about you!

Recently two new cabinets had been added to Aion Shop to expand your house warehouse! These two cabinets are totally separate type, so you don’t need to worry about shared inventory space with other cabinets. They cost 5000 and 3000 Aion Coins and they are parnament.

9-slot cabinet (3000 Aion Coins)

18-slot cabinet (5000 Aion Coins)

Source: Aion Korea main page, Aion Thisisgame

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