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[K-Aion] New cabinets in Aion Store!

Are you one of these players, who always lack inventory/bank space? No worries! NCSoft Korea is thinking also about you!

Recently two new cabinets had been added to Aion Shop to expand your house warehouse! These two cabinets are totally separate type, so you don’t need to worry about shared inventory space with other cabinets. They cost 5000 and 3000 Aion Coins and they are parnament.

9-slot cabinet (3000 Aion Coins)

18-slot cabinet (5000 Aion Coins)

Source: Aion Korea main page, Aion Thisisgame

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[K-Aion] Baseball “Dinos” event!

Would you like to cheer for NCSoft’s baseball Team called “Dinos”! Recently Korean players can celebrate victories of their Team with Aion in-game events and giveaways!

[Event] NC Dinos Cap + [Event] NC Dinos Uniform
Survey period: 15th October 2014 to 22nd October 2014
Survey limitation: Characters with 25 level and higher

Winning buffs

– Buff info: all online characters during specific time frame
– Buff time frame: 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM (2h) of the match day.

NCSoft will apply previous different buffs according to the match progress. Buff will include increased drop rating, increased experience rate or running/flighting seep buffs!

Survey period: 19th October 2014, 3h.
Survey limitation: Characters with 25 level and higher

[Event] Drana Coffee x3 You rec...
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[K-Aion] Halloween 2014

Halloween yet again visited Atreia and all creepy creatures are coming out! Check out that was prepared for Halloween this yet on Korean Aion servers! :)

Aion Shop promos!

1. Halloween Pumpkin costume ( 할로윈 호박 ) – costs 4000 coins

2. [Emotion Card] Halloween Pumpkin – 2500 coins includes brilliant skeletons dancing ;)

3. Halloween package – costs 8000 coins
Contains of Halloween costume + Halloween emote + Halloween house decorations.

4. Halloween floor + Halloween wallpaper – free

Halloween surveys!
– Once per account / per servers
– All characters above level 10
– Time: 31st October – 2nd November 2014
– 2x [Event] Jumpy Monk Form Candy ( For 60 minutes, you transform into a Jumpy Monk who can use skills...

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[K-Aion] Official video from developing team

I bet, that many Aion players would like to have a glimpse of developing process of NCSoft’s game like Aion. Recently NCSoft Korea has released official video which allows players to have a small insight into developing of Aion’s newest update called “The New World”.

During the video we can see interview of several different development team such as music designers, designers of PC (players characters) and NPC graphics and much more!

The D-Day (première day) of new patch is 3rd of December 2014 on Korean live servers.

Source: Korean “The New Would” official page.

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[Aion 4.7] New zone – Gerha

Gerha was once the homeland of Tiamat, before she ascended as the Dragon Lord. You can still see some some remaining signs of Tiamat’s presence in this region.

Gerha is located south of Tiamaranta and it’s available for all 65 lvl players with the use of teleport in the Katalam. Elyos and Asmodian players have two separate place where they will appear after the teleport.

Gerha also allows players to move to different zones like: Gelkmaros / Inggison and Abyss. Special portals will appear if your fraction is occupying certain bases on the map (most east and most west bases).

Gerha’s structure

As you can see on the map, Gerha doesn’t have any new fortress but instead there are 13 bases...

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[Aion 4.8] Official multimedia 2

And here you have few new Aion 4.8 “The New World” multimedia such as wallpaper and concept arts! Enjoy :)

(right-click to save as…)

Concept Arts – Armors

Concept Arts – Weapons

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[Aion 4.7] Official “Beritra Invasion” wallpapers

If you like to customize your computer with your favourite game media, I have something for you. Two new official Aion 4.7 wallpapers! :)

Click to enlarge, right-click “Save as…” to download.

Source: Aion Korea wallpaper page.

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