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Shadowbound Update 1/22

All Shadowbound servers will be receiving an update on 1/22 at the following times:

· 1/22 00:00 PST
· 1/22 03:00 EST
· 1/22 08:00 GMT
· 1/22 16:00 GMT+8

Check what’s new in this update!

The update is expected to last 3 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the update is completed!

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Elsword News – PvP Addition and New Rena Combat System

Elsword's rivalry between Red Knights and Guardian Knights heats up the first two weeks of August as each side tries to occupy Ereda Island. Starting July 30th and ending August 12th, combatants level 40 and above will duke it out for bragging rights, titles jewelry and treasure.

Players level 10 and above will also get to participate and earn rewards by performing daily quests.

In other news, eleven ranger Rena will now have the ability to obtain the Nature's Force System, which means she can do more damage and obtain more buffs.

For more information regarding Ereda Island PvP and Rena's new combat system, visit the official Elsword website.

New Server Arrival – [S57] Sea of Dust (Oceanic)

Sea of Dust,the 57th server for Shadowbound will be going live on November 29st at 10:00 AM GMT+8. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events!

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Server Maintenance 9/15

Shadowbound Maintenance For All Servers (including Armor Games S1)

Greetings Guardians! All Shadowbound servers will undergo maintenance on 9/15 at the following times:

9/15 01:00 PDT 
9/15 04:00 EDT 
9/15 09:00 GMT
9/15 16:00 GMT+8

Maintenance is expected to last about an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the maintenance is completed! 


R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Questions for the game ShadowBound

Read them first or you didn’t understand!
——————————————————— Guides for the game ShadowBound ————————————————
——————————————————————01. Increasing BR——————————————————-
1. How do you open character menu?
Answer: Click on the helm icon. You can see the currect BR of the unit. To view stats, click on yellow Stat detail locate at right of the character screen.
2. What does Upgrade?
Answer: Upgrade upgrades your units and increase your BR.
3. What i should do for Main Character?
Answer: Main Character colour can be upgraded. When it colour is Orange, you can upgrade the star. When doing so, the colour will be reset to colour White and you will get 1 star. You can get at most 7 stars.
4. And for Secondary Character?
Answer: Secondary Character can be upgraded a level.

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Beginner Guide: Guardian System

Collect 3 mystic Crystals on Lilith Pike to unchain Celeste and unlock the guardian system.

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The guardian system provides a direct boost to the battle stats of your main character and the mercenaries, greatly enhancing your battle rating. In addition, your guardian also helps you in battles by releasing guardian skills, which deal massive damage to all enemies.

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(Guardian skill)

The guardian system has 6 guardians, each with 10 levels. You need to activate all 10 levels of a guardian before you can unlock the next one. Activating guardian levels requires Stars, which can be acquired from Mystic Planes. The Stars you collect are shown on the top left corner of the screen when you are in a Mystic Plane.

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Elsword News – Scare up Killer Prizes in Our New Halloween Dungeon

Kill3r Combo has a brand new Halloween adventure for Elsword players to explore. In an exclusive first look, the Kill3r Combo team gives us a great look at what promises to be a murderous experience. Check it out!

The tale begins with Elsword and his team receiving a mysterious invitation to a remote Castle in Elder. A sumptuous banquet is being held, and they are the guests of honor. As they enter the banquet room, they marvel at the lavish decorations; chandeliers and jack o’ lanterns blaze brightly everywhere. But something is off—where are the other guests? Suddenly a towering sorcerer appears calling himself Pumpvalanche. He begins summoning all manner of ghouls who seem to think Elsword and his friends are the main course. With that, the fight is on!

Read more of Kill3r Combo's Els...

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