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Shared Quest Live-Tuned Off

We have live-tuned off the shared quest for today since the Save Civilians component cannot be completed due to a bug. A fix for the bug has been checked in, and our expectation is that everything will be functioning normally this time next week.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Eternity Splinter Guide (Farming, Character Values, etc.)

Hi everyone! This is a guide for eternity splinters, very important loot in this game. New players will find most benefit in this, but it may also be used as a reference for others.

First off, if you just began the game, you’re probably wondering what in Nick Fury’s nostril am I talking about. Well, eternity splinters are an in game currency used to purchase new heroes to play as and various upgrades. They are the only way to expand your roster (besides giveaways) other than Gs.

How to Obtain

Eternity splinters will drop from all enemies except grays. You can tell what rating the mob is by viewing the solid color on the far right of the enemy’s nameplate. Every ~8 minutes, as long as you’re fighting, a splinter will drop...

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.27 Patch Notes

Event: Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event!

  • To celebrate the Guardian’s of the Galaxy DVD release on 12/9, we bringing back our Galactic Event! To obtain the mysterious Planet X Bark, simply complete each of the three Shared Quests once a day. Additionally, everyday just for logging in, 1 Planet X bark will be deposited in your inventory. When you log out and in again, it will be transferred to your currency tab!

  • Planet X Bark can be redeemed for amazing gifts (including the highly sought after Mysterious Crimson Box) by talking to Groot in the west wing of the Avengers Tower.

  • This is planned to be the LAST time we use Planet X Bark, so spend it up!

New Hero: Magneto

  • The Master of Magnetism has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015! Magneto uses his control over electromagnetis...
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Guide: Forum Avatars and Titles

So, I got to thinking today, what are all of the various special avatars and titles that people have, besides just the generic ones that anyone can use? (and not counting the very special avatars that Gazillion staffers have) So, I did some looking, and here’s what I came up with.

  • “Ace” (Ms. Marvel Starter Pack):
  • “Agent” (Black Widow Starter Pack):
  • “ALL THE DEADPOOLS” (Deadpool Premium Pack):
  • “Anti-Hero (Punisher Starter Pack):
  • “Armored” (Colossus Starter Pack):
  • “Asgardian” (Thor Starter Pack):
  • “Assembled” (Avengers Assemble Premium Pack):
  • “Askani’son” (Cable Starter Pack):
  • “Bub” (Wolverine Starter Pack):
  • “Covert” (X-Force Premium Pack):
  • “Cutting Edge” (Marvel NOW Premium Pack):
  • “Fatale” (Heroic Trio Premium Pack):
  • “Fearless Leader” (Cyclops ...
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Team-Up Advance Pack 2!

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Marvel Heroes Forums: Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Marvel Heroes forums! Stay awhile and listen… :)

The Marvel Heroes forums are a service for players and game creators to exchange news, knowledge and ideas in a secure, friendly environment.

The forums team is present 24/7 to help protect forum users from abuse, trolls and spambots, as well as coordinate feedback, bug reports and requests to and from the development team.

One of the major features of the forums is direct communication to the game design team. The entire team reviews the forums and there are often 100 or more posts by team members on many days of the week.

Thread Titles

When posting a fresh thread, please use a clear title that is easy to understand. This will help forum staff channel the feedback to the right people as soon as possible...

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Marvel: War of Heroes: A Guide to Victory Without Spending Money

Here are some tips and tricks from onClan for Marvel: War of Heroes help to make sense of it all and get ahead and reach to victory without spending real money. These Marvel: War of Heroes Tips can be updated daily so check back. Things can be a little tough for new players especially when all stats are recorded and shown publicly.

One of my weaknesses, I shamefully state, is my love of superheroes. As a young lad, I was an unabashed fan of both of the major capes companies, and that nostalgic affection sometimes leads me to buy into things I wouldn’t normally dream of. So, my secret confession is that whenever anything Marvel or DC pops up, I check it out for at least a little while, and that includes Marvel: War of Heroes...

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