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Doctor Strange

Real Name:

Stephen Strange

Team Affiliations:

  • Other


When the injuries he sustained in a horrific accident ruined Stephen Strange’s career as a surgeon, he searched the world for a cure.

In the mountains of Tibet, he found a mystic named the Ancient One. But instead of being healed, Stephen ended up as the old man’s apprentice and learned the secrets of sorcery while gaining humility and wisdom.

Eventually, Stephen became the Sorcerer Supreme, dedicating his life to protecting the world from extra-dimensional enemies.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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[guide] Base Damage, Damage Rating and Attributes

Howdy folks,

I’ve been doing some testing with the numbers for Base Damage, Damage Rating and Attributes to find out where it was worth putting more omega points, and so I decided I’d share my findings. Now probably some people have figure this out already but I’m positive there are lots of players still somewhat out in the dark where this is concerned, so I’m hoping this little guide comes in handy for them.

This will be more relevant to spending Omega points, but in theory the guidelines below serve for anything in the game.

Please note that this comes from personal testing and there might be some miscalculation from my part somewhere (feel free to correct me if it’s the case!) but overall I’ve noticed the following to be true:

1 damage rating = 0,025% base damage

I did notice some smal...

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Perhaps I’ve figured out how threat works in this game, and more…

Before I go any further this was only tested in terminals. Given the raid doesn’t exactly push a ton of damage to one direct target we feel tanking in the raid, at least green difficulty, may not be necessary, but it may help you control boss movements and patterns, and fire giants, and extra enemies in the raid.

With this said, please keep in mind taunts from “others” such as Lil’deadpool, Dr strange’s “clones” that taunt, and hawkeyes shrieking arrow will 100% negate the idea of this system. This system and theory only exists for heroes that physically use a taunt power to grant aggro to themselves and forcing the enemies to attack them and nothing else, but the hero they are currently playing.

The threat system in marvel heroes is actually one alot of us may be familiar with...

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.21 Patch Notes

Halloween Comes To Marvel Heroes

Old Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and Marvel Heroes 2015 is getting into the spooky spirit!

31% server-side boost to everything – SIF, RIF and Experience!

Visit the Avengers Tower Hub to check out the festive decorations!

Festive pumpkins are dropping in-game and can be sold for credits!

New Trick or Treat power-ups can drop from any enemy:

  • Pick up one of these Trick or Treat power-ups and you’ll enjoy a glowing orange Jack O’ Lantern above your head and an icon on your buff bar that offers you a chance to defeat a specific enemy to steal their treats! These become more common with SIF!

  • When you defeat that enemy, you’ll receive a special Halloween treat loot bonus that includes candy credit items, a chance at Uniques, and other treats...

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Shared Quest Live-Tuned Off

We have live-tuned off the shared quest for today since the Save Civilians component cannot be completed due to a bug. A fix for the bug has been checked in, and our expectation is that everything will be functioning normally this time next week.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Eternity Splinter Guide (Farming, Character Values, etc.)

Hi everyone! This is a guide for eternity splinters, very important loot in this game. New players will find most benefit in this, but it may also be used as a reference for others.

First off, if you just began the game, you’re probably wondering what in Nick Fury’s nostril am I talking about. Well, eternity splinters are an in game currency used to purchase new heroes to play as and various upgrades. They are the only way to expand your roster (besides giveaways) other than Gs.

How to Obtain

Eternity splinters will drop from all enemies except grays. You can tell what rating the mob is by viewing the solid color on the far right of the enemy’s nameplate. Every ~8 minutes, as long as you’re fighting, a splinter will drop...

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Guide: Forum Avatars and Titles

So, I got to thinking today, what are all of the various special avatars and titles that people have, besides just the generic ones that anyone can use? (and not counting the very special avatars that Gazillion staffers have) So, I did some looking, and here’s what I came up with.

  • “Ace” (Ms. Marvel Starter Pack):
  • “Agent” (Black Widow Starter Pack):
  • “ALL THE DEADPOOLS” (Deadpool Premium Pack):
  • “Anti-Hero (Punisher Starter Pack):
  • “Armored” (Colossus Starter Pack):
  • “Asgardian” (Thor Starter Pack):
  • “Assembled” (Avengers Assemble Premium Pack):
  • “Askani’son” (Cable Starter Pack):
  • “Bub” (Wolverine Starter Pack):
  • “Covert” (X-Force Premium Pack):
  • “Cutting Edge” (Marvel NOW Premium Pack):
  • “Fatale” (Heroic Trio Premium Pack):
  • “Fearless Leader” (Cyclops ...
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