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Emma Frost

Real Name:

Emma Frost

Team Affiliations:

  • X-Men


For most of her life, Emma Frost thought only of her own needs and goals, seeing humanity as inferior to her own mutant race. She used her intelligence, charm, and telepathic powers to accumulate great wealth. Soon she joined the mysterious Hellfire Club, a group secretly dedicated to world domination. For years she helped that group gain the political and economic influence it desired, often clashing with the X-Men.

Over time, however, Emma came to see the teaching of young mutants as her true calling. Eventually she allied with Professor Charles Xavier and her former enemies, becoming a full-fledged member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier School.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity ...
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An Open invitation to newbie raiders / A weekend class in how to raid.

Copied from my post in the raid forums

Despite many of us veteran raiders thinking that greens are pushovers, I know that there are a bunch of players that find the ordeal overwhelming. If you are one of those people and looking at this post, Twisted Family wants to invite you to a small event we are doing. This Saturday, 1/10/2015 at 3pm EST, We will be forming a raid group with interested parties.

Experienced players will check out your gear, make suggestions, help you get raid ready. We expect this to last about an hour to take care of the people in the group. From there we will go on into a green raid and explain in depth each boss set, as we get to it, and the primary raid mechanic used.

We ask that the people interested reply here, tag me so I know, and be ready promptly at the afor...

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Secrets and Easter Eggs: Recompiled

With the old thread at over 200 comments and the OP not updating. Time to start a new thread so people don’t have to fish through a growing list of pages to see if something is there.

Bob, Agent of Hydra (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-The sidekick of Deadpool, can be find in Hell’s Kitchen in the Bajillion Entertainment Office

Doop (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-A random spawn that drops a lot of XP, credits and a few items when you kill him but he vanishes fast if you aren’t quick to kill him. Think of him as a treasure goblin in Diablo 3.

Wonder-Man Mentions Joss Whedon (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-Speak to Wonder-Man at Avengers Tower during the Prologue, before leaving for Trouble at the Raft, and he will take about how “Whedon better put him in the sequel” – a reference to Joss Whedon, director of ...

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2015 Patch 1.3X Video Guides – Updated for 1.38

Patch 1.30

A solid foray to welcome MH patches in the New Year – Cosmic Chaos, BAMFs (yes, that was awhile ago, but STILL! BAMF!), Arachne released for Team-Up advance pack buyers, permanent event vendors, bug fixes, and more!



  • Welcome the new year with the Cosmic Chaos Event!, now with purchasable Doop runes!
  • ALL event vendors (OMEGA, Chaos, and ARMOR) are now permanently in the Western part of Avengers’ tower
  • Sooo much with the bug squishing….
  • Welcome BACK DEVS!! (not that I believe anyone fully left during the break….)

Check the patch notes here!

Patch 1.31

Omega (plus BONUS!!) is active, Hulk 52 review is here, The Deadpool Kid team-up arrives, numerous costumes, and more!



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How to Play Marvel Heroes as a Casual or Core Gamer

Hey guys. So you aren’t an amazing player that knows exactly how to min/max your gear for new raids, or maybe you know how but you don’t want to grind out that gear because that isn’t fun to you. Maybe your reaction speed isn’t good enough to move to safe spots during raid boss fights, or you don’t have either the time or money to invest in leveling up your heroes to get gear ready. Well, this guide is intended for you. As I’m also a core gamer, these are the things that really interested and helped me enjoy Marvel Heroes, but also as a core gamer, I don’t know everything and would love feedback on this guide from more experienced players! You hardcore folks are awesome at this stuff!

Get Free Stuff!

Gazillion is awesome about promotions and regularly gives out “first tastes” to try to ge...

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Forum Text Testing






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[No Longer Updated] Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

My life has become too busy to keep this updated. Please go here to get up to date information on artifacts and other ways to easy know what is good and what is not in Marvel Heroes 2015: Please be aware that when new artifacts/uniques are added, they may not have any heroes listed next to them for a while. If you are unsure, google the name and see how far in the past the item has existed. Also, Gaz tries to keep special artifacts/uniques drops listed here: although it may lag behind. For example, another great site is which will show you a zone/boss artifact recently added that Doomsaw has not updated.

Triple check your artifacts to...

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