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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.19 Patch Notes

Marvel Heroes 1.19 Patch Notes

A.R.M.O.R. Incursion Returns

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A.R.M.O.R. Incursion has returned to Marvel Heroes! Assist Jocasta and the agents of A.R.M.O.R. by defeating threats throughout the game.

Enemies drop a set number of ARMOR Drives according to this key:

25 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • All-Father Brevik (Bovineheim)

15 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Cow Commander Brevik (Confidential Bovine Sector)

10 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Man-Ape

7 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Cosmic Terminal Doctor Doom

5 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Green Terminal Doctor Doom

  • All Raid Bosses

4 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Mr. Hyde

3 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • M.O.D.O.K.

2 A.R.M.O.R. Drives

  • Loki (Superheroic Story Mode)
  • Terminal Bosses: Kurse, Kingpin, Mandarin, Magneto
  • Cosmic Doop in Midtown
  • A...
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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.38 Patch Notes

Event: Midtown Madness

The Omega Event will wrap up tonight at Midnight PST, and Midtown Madness will begin!

Bosses in Midtown Manhattan will drop a Midtown Madness box which contains all kinds of loot, including a chance at Midtown specific Uniques, artifacts and rings!

Midtown Fortune cards also drop from bosses during Midtown Madness. These can drop Cosmic Rings, Epic Team-Up Gear, Epic Insignias, Random Cosmic Medallions, special Midtown Uniques, and have a very rare chance to drop a Random Costume or Ultimate Upgrade Token!

As a nod to the 59th street geography of Midtown, there will be a server side 59% bonus to Experience, Special Item Find and Rare Item Find.

New Hero: Iceman

The iceman cometh! Bobby Drake has arrived! One of the original X-Men, Iceman finally ice slides his way i...

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Vote for Marvel Heroes 2015 in MMORPG’s Player’s Choice Awards!

Hey everyone!

Hope your holidays were fantastic! Marvel Heroes 2015 is up for another award, and this time it’s for MMORPG’s Player’s Choice Awards. We’re up against some tough competition in the “Most Improved MMO of 2014″ category. Other games that we’re up against include Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Warframe, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you’ve got a spare moment, head on over to their website and drop us a vote!

Have a good one meow.

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Alt Guide – Rewards per Chapter; Marvel Heroes 2015 patch 1.27 Updated

This post is to essentially give you the list of rewards. Taking you through all the chapters.

All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.

Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).

The #’s are the starting of certain quest lines. For some quests you may enter them mid quest-line and still receive the reward.

/RNG/ = Random drop or find

Italicized = Ques...

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Silver Surfer

Real Name:

Norrin Radd


In order to save his planet Zenn-La from being consumed by the cosmic being known as Galactus, Norrin Radd agreed to become Galactus’ herald, surfing the skyways to find planets for his master to consume (and letting the population know of their impending doom.) After meeting the the human Alicia Masters, Silver Surfer realized that his role as Galactus’ herald was inhumane and assisted the Fantastic Four in stopping his master. Since this momentous occasion, Silver Surfer has spent much time on Earth, using the Power Cosmic to defend the planet (and many other planets) from all kinds of unknown evil.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase in-game
  • Hero Pack Available Here

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Team-Up System Revamp: Part 2!


True to our word, we’re back to talk more about the Team-Up Revamp! We received a lot of great questions from Wednesday’s post and we plan to answer as many of them as possible organically, as well as a nice informative FAQ on Sunday. For today, we’re going to talk about some new features that aren’t as complex as the first preview, but no less exciting.

Controlling the Battlefield & Survivability

In the battlefield, heroes constantly give each other orders and suggest maneuvers. Captain America tells Bucky to jump out of the way, and Spider-Man might tell Firestar to dodge Black Cat’s poison bomb before it goes off. To represent this, we’re going to let players have more control over their Team-Up’s movement...

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.14 Patch Notes

Event – Midtown Madness

This week’s event is simple and direct: Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness has 3 components:

Extra Loot on Midtown Bosses

This can include some very rare items and a large number of gear items, increasing the chance that any given item can roll into a cosmic or unique item.

This applies to all Midtown bosses at all level bands.

Midtown-Inspired Server Buffs

Midtown is the central location of Manhattan, south of 59th street.

As a nod to the 59th street geography of Midtown, the entire game will receive a 59% bonus to Experience, Special Item Find and Rare Item Find. This applies inside and outside of Midtown.

Midtown Fortune Cards

All enemies in Midtown have a chance to drop a Midtown Fortune Card.

This is a card that is only available Midtown Madness and only in ...

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