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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.34 Patch Notes

Event: Odin’s Bounty Loot Rotation

We’ll be running an Odin’s Bounty Loot Rotation starting tomorrow afternoon! Details to come!

New Hero: Winter Soldier

Though most of the intelligence agency doesn’t even believe he exists, The Winter Soldier has joined the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster! Voiced by the iconic David Hayter, Bucky Barnes is locked and loaded with a deadly arsenal, his powerful bionic arm, and tactical espionage skills that allow him to get in, take down the target, and get out!

Captain America Design Review

The Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America has received a design review! With this review, the design team focused on improving Cap’s damage, mechanics and general feel...

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Updated .ini tweaks for performance (effects both high end and low end PCs)

Just a note on any INI settings. These will not fix all the issues of lag. Most of the lag is server side which Gaz needs to adjust. You can tell this by hoping on the Test server which is more lag free even with the INI unchanged.

Did some more resource into each line of code. i’m not rehashing .ini Tweaks others have already addressed, just new ones.


First up is the bottleneck of alot of video cards. Tessellation. Most video cards only have 1 data pipe for this where newer ones have up to 32 or more. So this is some where that needs attention for most people.

TerrainTessellationCheckCount=20 – Default 6 – Number of frames between checks for updates…higher means fewer checks.



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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.16 Patch Notes

Patch Overview

This week’s efforts focused mainly on bug fixing, a few quality of life changes and the Bronx Zoo One-Shot Story zone.

End of Summer Beach Party

As we promised earlier in the year, we’re hosting an “End of Summer” event for players to have the opportunity to use up the last of their summer items and snag some of the exclusive loot associated with the event.

Conch Shells and Hot Dog ingredients have returned and can drop from any enemy. When a Conch Shell drops, a hot dog ingredient will drop every time to insure that players are earning each of them at a steady rate.

Beast, the Special Event Vendor, has brought back 4 very awesome Summer items which can be bought in exchange for Conch Shells:

  • The Perfect Wave – A Slot 3 Unique item that provides a high level of s...

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MHIB Build Creator [Winter Soldier]

I finished my work and ready to show it for public:

Marvel Heroes Build Creator

For create build you should be registred on and select active hero.

Now active:

Black Panther, Cyclops, Doctor Strange, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Nova, Psylocke, Rogue, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Star-Lord

Others Heroes will added in future, when I will have time for this =)

New Build Creator have easy tools for slots:

New Synergy System:

You can create full Build Guide (Items, Powers, Omega, Synergy, Powers Sets) and write your description, where you can use link to item base, tooltip for items will work automatic.

Short Link

When you save your build you get short link (Example:

Also you can select tags for your build and get Rating from ...

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Random Hero Box Calculator 1.04

Hello everyone! I have been getting and seeing a fairly large number of questions regarding when a random hero box is worthwhile to purchase.

In particular, I know most people look for a straight yes or no answer to the question of whether or not it’s a good idea for their current situation and for what they want AND don’t want. I wanted to make a tool that is:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to understand (gives a clear, actionable output)
  • Examines more deeply whether or not a random box is a good idea, based on what YOU, the user, wants or does not want.

Enter The Random Hero Box Calculator!!!!! It’s a relatively simple spreadsheet, but calculates several aspects related to purchasing a random box, some of which have not really been examined, and gives a unique, usable output.

First and foremos...

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.24 Patch Notes

Industry City Patrol

Industry City Patrol has arrived! A brand new game mode in the vein of Midtown Patrol, Industry City Patrol has our heroes in the middle of a crime war in Brooklyn, battling their way through Maggia, A.I.M. and more! If that’s not enough, while on patrol in Industry City, multiple new events will occur including brand new bosses! Battle Batroc the Leaper, the mysterious Mindless Titan, and even the Superior Spider-Clone in challenging events that require teamwork with your fellow heroes!

New Items in Industry City Patrol!

There are many exciting new items available in the Industry City Patrol region! Batroc, the Superior Spider-Clone, the Mindless Titan, and Kirigi all drop brand new boss Medallions!

Boss Specific Unique Items:

Kirigi: Kirigi’s Katana, Sanjaku-Tenug...

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Real Name:

Clint Barton

Team Affiliations:

  • Avengers


Inspired by the exploits of Iron Man, circus archer Clint Barton decided to put on a costume and fight crime as the super-hero Hawkeye. At first he was mistaken as a criminal, but Barton eventually gained the trust of the Avengers and has served on that team with distinction many times.

In addition to his pinpoint accuracy, Hawkeye relies on a quiver full of gadget arrows with various high-tech tricks. But even without his arrows, he’s a formidable combatant thanks to hours of training with Captain America.

His sarcastic wit sometimes rubs allies the wrong way, but Hawkeye remains one of the most loyal and dedicated Avengers in the team’s history.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Select as Starting Hero
  • Unloc...
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