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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.29a

Today’s patch is very small and primarily focuses on bug fixes in addition to one starter roster change that missed the last build.

Starter Roster

The starter roster has changed for new players. New players will no longer be able to level Daredevil to 10, but will instead be able to level Cyclops.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where map edge pointers would fail to display most of the time.

Fixed an issue where festive gifts would fail to open.

Fixed an issue where ‘cosmic’ rarity festive gifts would fail to drop.

Fixed an issue where Red Skull was dropping one of Man-Ape’s items.

Fixed an issue where opening your inventory made the ‘credits’ sound effect.

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E-Commerce Associate Manager Position!

Hey Folks!

We’re looking to bring another member to our Marketing team as an E-Commerce Associate Manager! You would be reporting directly to the Product Marketing Manager (Austin) and would work closely with the rest of the Marketing team to help us achieve awesomeness. Here’s some of the qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 years e-commerce or marketing equivalent in the video game industry
  • Able to work fluidly, being flexible to a frequently changing production schedule
  • Open to working unique hours such as early mornings or being on-call for weekend changes
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Strong organization, communication, presentation, and analytical skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing
  • Lifelong gamer

Extra bonus points for those applicants who meet the above and also have exper...

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Ghost Rider

Real Name:

Johnny Blaze

Team Affiliations:

  • Marvel Knights


Raised in a carnival by stunt men, Johnny Blaze was born to ride. When his mentor revealed that he was dying of cancer, Blaze made a deal with the demon Mephisto to save the man’s life. Blaze’s infernal contract bound his soul to the demon Zarathos and cursed him to become the Ghost Rider, a Spirit of Vengeance who rides the night and punishes the wicked. Throughout the years, Blaze has found himself battling his inner demon almost as often as his countless supernatural enemies.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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Save the Date – Friday, January 23rd from 4-5PM PST!

Amazing people! I hope you save this date because you won’t want to miss out on our Twitch livestream with @Ryolnir‌ and @MichaelMayhem‌. They’ll be going live this Friday, January 23rd from 4-5PM PST. This will be our first 2015 stream, and we’d love to see you all there.

As usual, I’ll be lurking in chat with Moobot. But you’ll want to periodically check your Twitch inbox, because if you follow our stream you might find that Moobot’s magic hat pulled your name and gave you a code for in-game goodies :D As always, be respectful in chat, otherwise Moobot will get angry and drop the moo-hammer.

See you all there ;)

EDIT: – (Thanks Tobbie :) )

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Real Name:

Tony Masters

Team Affiliations:

  • Other


Taskmaster possesses “photographic reflexes”, an ability that allows him to replicate any actions he has seen, as well as recall them from memory. He has used these skills as a combat instructor for hundreds of supervillains, henchmen, and private miliy companies.

In order to clear his criminal record, he started working with the U.S. government as a combat instructor and currently serves as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Secret Avengers.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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Forum Text Testing






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Alt Guide – Rewards per Chapter; Marvel Heroes 2015 patch 1.27 Updated

This post is to essentially give you the list of rewards. Taking you through all the chapters.

All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.

Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).

The #’s are the starting of certain quest lines. For some quests you may enter them mid quest-line and still receive the reward.

/RNG/ = Random drop or find

Italicized = Ques...

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