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Name Changes are available.

Good day everyone,

We’ve received numerous requests over the last year to add this feature, and we’re happy to announce that paid name changes are now available!

The introductory price for this feature will be 1000 G. Note, this is an introductory price and we may decide to raise it at some point in the future. You will need to have at least 1000 G on your account prior to submitting the request, or we will not be able to process it for you.

If you would like to request a username change for your account, here’s what you will need to do:

1) Submit a support ticket through the Support Portal by logging into your profile at and then clicking the Support link.

2) Choose ‘Paid Name Change Request’ as your ticket type...

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E-Commerce Associate Manager Position!

Hey Folks!

We’re looking to bring another member to our Marketing team as an E-Commerce Associate Manager! You would be reporting directly to the Product Marketing Manager (Austin) and would work closely with the rest of the Marketing team to help us achieve awesomeness. Here’s some of the qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 years e-commerce or marketing equivalent in the video game industry
  • Able to work fluidly, being flexible to a frequently changing production schedule
  • Open to working unique hours such as early mornings or being on-call for weekend changes
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Strong organization, communication, presentation, and analytical skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing
  • Lifelong gamer

Extra bonus points for those applicants who meet the above and also have exper...

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.28 Patch Notes

New Hero: X-23

X-23 has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015! Use her Adamantium claws to shred through enemies, causing bleeds, performing various acrobatic attacks, and even slip into Stealth! X-23 is focused on two playstyles, one of which allows her to shred enemies with her Adamantium claws, causing stacks of bleeds and comboing various melee abilities while the other relies on her agility and movement powers.



A.R.M.O.R. Incursion has returned to Marvel Heroes! Assist Jocasta and the agents of A.R.M.O.R. by taking down super villains and receiving A.R.M.O.R. Research Drives! These can be turned in to Jocasta for various rewards!

In addition, some holiday festivities will be starting soon! Keep an eye out for announcements!

Server-side XP has been...

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Real Name:

Scott Summers

Team Affiliations:

  • X-Men


Professor Charles Xavier rescued young Scott Summers from a life as a homeless young orphan, recruiting him to be the first member of his new team: the X-Men. Xavier trained Summers to use his mutant optic blast, as well as to lead the other X-Men in the field.

Scott has endured great hardships during his years with the X-Men, from an ongoing rivalry with the savage Wolverine to the seeming death of his girlfriend Jean Grey. Through it all, however, he has endured as a shining example of heroism and leadership among mutantkind.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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the bonus for critical ratting for diferent types of attack stacks?

like … if an attack is physical and melee … nd u have bonus for physical critical ratting of 600 … and melee critical ratting of 200 … the attack uses both bonus (800 critical ratting) or uses the higher (600) ?

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Hiring More People – Details Within

Hi all,

We are adding a couple more game designers to the team as we expand the number of features and content in the game.

We’re going to tailor the work assignments to the person’s skillset.

Some kind of experience with game modding tools or programming will be needed, in order to learn our internal development tools (which are fairly complicated).

In addition, all candidates will be given a prescreen test that is very involved in overall game design philosophy, problem solving and, of course, Marvel Heroes knowledge.

Check it out and apply here if interested in the Game Designer position:

A few other positions:

Main Site:

Jobs: http://ch.tbe.taleo...

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Team Affiliations:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy


The son of an Earth woman and the Emperor of Spartax, Peter Quill has spent most of his life living in the stars. Peter took up his father’s Element Gun and traveled the galaxy as the Star-Lord – galactic hero and pilot of a sentient vessel known as “Ship”. After a traumatic incident involving Galactus’ herald The Fallen One, Peter gave up the mantle of Star-Lord (and was imprisoned in the Kyln) until Nova called upon him to assist against the Annihilation Wave. Since winning the war against Annihilus, Peter Quill once again travels the stars, this time as the leader of the team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How to Obtain In-Game

  • Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
  • Available for Purchase

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