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New Year Sales!

New Year Sales for you! From 01.01.2015 00:00 to 04.01.2015 23:59. You have the opportunity to get in our Item Shop:

Fireworkpackage for 11 DC.

and also

20% discount on Emotion Mask (15d), Emotion Mask (30d) and on all potions in Regeneration & Strength category.

Metin2 team

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[Item Shop] Mysterious Chest

Dear community,

starting on 13.10.2014 00:00, till 13.10.2014 23:59 we offer you the Mysterious Chest in the Item shop. Open it and with a little bit of luck you might receive the Wild Battle Boar as a mount!

Possible loot from Mysterious Chests can be the following:

Wild Battle Boar Seal, Magic Stone, Reinforce Item, Blacksmith Handbook, Dragon Scroll, Blessing Marble, Blessing Scroll, Book of the Leader (3 hours), Passage Ticket (3 units), Stone Handbook, Medal of the Dragon (10 units), Blessing of Life (2 units).

Metin2 Team

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Lolly available in the IS for a limited time!

From 10.03.2015 00:00 to 10.03.2015 23:59 this amazing Lolly will be available in the Item Shop.

You can enjoy this Lolly without regret. It doesn’t just taste scrumptiously sweet, its well-guarded secret recipe gives you the strength to overcome all enemies and increases the collection of experience points.
For 7 days, it provides +50% experience points, +20% attack speed, +20% casting speed, +30% damage, +10% maximum HP and +10% maximum SP.

Note: its effects start directly after purchase and cannot be deactivated!

Try it out!

Your Team

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[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 29.10.2014 14:00 to 05.11.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

  • Ring of Successor
  • Experience Ring
  • Skill Reset Document
  • Stone Handbook

your Metin2 team

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Guide:Dagger Ninja Skillguide

Guide:Dagger Ninja Skillguide


1 The Blade-Ninja
2 Weapon Choice
3 Equipment
4 Nachteile und Vorteile des Ninjas

The Blade-Ninja[edit]

As a blade ninja you have many choices and that is PVM (players vs monster) or PVP (player vs player. Your stats makes a big difference on how you level or how you fight against other players. If you want to level and decide you would want to fight on horse then you would work on maxing your STR (strength) and your VIT (vitality). This reason is because when you level your horse your stats increase. For a military horse (21 horse) your base dex on horse is set at 72. In that case if you max str and vit your base stats on horse in your mid 50’s you would have 90 vit 90 str and 72 dex.
When your reach your higher levels which is about 65+ you would be ...

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Cupido and Grumpy Heart on Item Shop

Dear Community,

From 21.02.2015 00:00 to 21.02.2015 23:59 you can find on the Item Shop:

Cupido (30d)

and the

Grumpy Heart (30d)

Metin2 Team

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Halloween Event 2014

Dear community,

time draws near for Halloween. As every year we will have a Halloween Event running. It will be active starting 31st of October

Pumpkins, Wands and Halloween Chests
Jack Pumpkin will appear. Pumpkins will drop from all mobs and Magic Wands will drop from metins and bosses. The Magic Wand will also be available in the Item Shop. You need the Pumpkin and the Magic Wand to be able to receive the Halloween Chest . The Halloween Chest can contain various items including a coupon for the “Jack-O-Lantern” Mask. Should you have received such a coupon just pay a visit to this handsome fellow:

Jack Pumpkin will then convert your coupon to a Pumpkin Head which can either last for 6 hours, 24 hours or 7 days...

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