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Enigma Box on Item Shop

From 13.12.2014 0:00 to 13.12.2014 23:59 Enigma Box will be available in Item Shop

Your metin2 team

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Lolly available in the IS for a limited time!

From 10.03.2015 00:00 to 10.03.2015 23:59 this amazing Lolly will be available in the Item Shop.

You can enjoy this Lolly without regret. It doesn’t just taste scrumptiously sweet, its well-guarded secret recipe gives you the strength to overcome all enemies and increases the collection of experience points.
For 7 days, it provides +50% experience points, +20% attack speed, +20% casting speed, +30% damage, +10% maximum HP and +10% maximum SP.

Note: its effects start directly after purchase and cannot be deactivated!

Try it out!

Your Team

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Cupido and Grumpy Heart on Item Shop

Dear Community,

From 21.02.2015 00:00 to 21.02.2015 23:59 you can find on the Item Shop:

Cupido (30d)

and the

Grumpy Heart (30d)

Metin2 Team

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Christmas Sales

Christmas Sales for you! From today on until 08.01.2015 12:00y ou have the opportunity to get some rare items in our Item Shop. You want to dress up for Christmas? Get a Christmas costume! You want to take a ride out? Saddle your Comet mount. You are looking for company? Take care of your Bambi pet. You like to open boxes? Order some Christmas Chests. And last but not least, the Ring of Joy will be available for you again! Take your chance and prepare for Christmas.

On sale:

Christmas Chest
Ring of Joy
Christmas Costumes
Bambi Pet
Comet Mount

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New Year Sales!

New Year Sales for you! From 01.01.2015 00:00 to 04.01.2015 23:59. You have the opportunity to get in our Item Shop:

Fireworkpackage for 11 DC.

and also

20% discount on Emotion Mask (15d), Emotion Mask (30d) and on all potions in Regeneration & Strength category.

Metin2 team

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Guide:Healing Force Shaman Guide

Guide:Healing Force Shaman Guide



editor’s note: As with every guide, this very useful tool contains some opinion from the author

Healers are generally seen as the stronger type of shaman when it comes to PVP, while dragons are generally considered stronger in PVM. But built right, healers can do quite well in PVM, too. I never had any big problems leveling myself even though it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want easy leveling you shouldn’t choose to be a shaman at all.

Contents [hide] 

1 Stats
2 Skills
3 Equipment
4 Horse
5 Dueling
6 Additional notes

To start out you will need some points in VIT the first few levels to get you going...

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Get your Moa Mount!

Dear Community,

prepare for the mighty Moa Mount!

From 20.01.2015 | 00:00 till 21.01.2015 | 23:59 you have the opportunity to buy a Moa Mount in our Item Shop.

Pay attention to the item description in our shop, and enjoy the ride on that powerful mount!

Metin2 Team

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