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Shadowbound Open Beta Announcement

Hungry for new adventure? Enter the lush, dangerous realm of
Shadowbound, uncover intrigue and grow strong with your rag-tag party of
mercenaries that has the potential to be the greatest league of heroes
the land has ever seen. Fortify yourselves with top notch gear, wield
powerful Talismans, and master the ancient art of battle formations that
makes the difference between glory and ruin.

Shadowbound brings you an unparalleled gaming experience with:

– Exquisite scenario design

– Powerful mercenary lineup

– Myriads of skills and buffs

– Intricate battle system

– Multiple team events and PK opportunities

We are so happy to announce that 
Shadowbound S1 will release at 10:00 (7/15/2014 EDT)! See you on the battle field of Shadowbound!       

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Design Your Own Pets!

Guardians! We have prepared a very special forum event for you – Design Your Own Pet for the upcoming Pet System! 

Share your original pet designs with us, and the champion will have his/her design added to our pet collection! 

Every participant will be rewarded.

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In addition to the Mystic Plane, we have also introduced the Purgatory feature.

1. The Purgatory consists of 10 levels of Mystic Planes.

2. The Purgatory is open all day and gives out precious rewards. Plus, players can compete with each others, and get rewards based on how fast they clear all the levels.

3. There are two transfer tiles on each level: one transfer to the previous level and the other transfer to the next level. The directions are hidden until players trigger them, so there is a chance that players get transfered back to the previous level.

4. Guild members can reach the last level and get massive rewards by sharing information with each others.


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Guild of the Land

Guardians! The long awaited Guild Wars have finally arrived! Take down your enemies and fight for the honor of your Guild. To celebrate the arrival of the Guild Wars, we will be holding a special event – Guild of the Land. Winners will have a chance to leave a lasting mark on their server!

Servers: S1 – S13

Description: After the August 23rd Guild Wars, the champion guild of each server will get a chance to rename their server! The new name can either be the guild’s name or a brand new one. This post will be used to update the new names of the servers once the activity is over.

NoteThe new name must be in accordance with relevant regulations; otherwise, R2 has the right to disqualify the guild from renaming the server.

Event Schedule
August 18

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Beginner Guide: daily shop

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Daily Event Shop

Complete daily events to earn Daily Points and swap them for rare items in the Daily Shop (found within the Shop panel).

Battle of Wits: Earn 40 Daily Points for each correct answer. Note: Players in Alpaca form can still earn points, but they earn 20 Daily Points instead of 40.

Mighty Mercs

Players will be rewarded accordingly based on rankings at the end of the event:

1st place: 1500 Daily Points

2nd place: 1300 Daily Points

3rd place: 1200 Daily Points

4th and 5th places: 1000 Daily Points

6th-10th places: 900 Daily Points

Other: 800 Daily Points

3V3: Earn rewards plus 100 Daily Points for winning and 60 Daily Points for losing.

8V8: Earn rewards plus 600 Daily Points for winning and 400 Daily Points for losing. Points will be distributed at the end of the event.


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Guild Wars: Coming Soon to Shadowbound!

Guardians! A brand new system, Guild Wars, will be coming to Shadowbound servers soon, and we would like to ask you to decide when the event happens! Please reply to this thread telling us which of the following event times (server time) you would prefer.

1. 20:40 – 21:10
2. 21:20 – 21:50
3. 22:00 – 22:30
4. 22:30 – 23:40

Collect, empower, and get your Mercs ready to show the world who’s BOSS!

Discuss this on the forum.

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New Server Arrival -[S54]Wailing Mire (US East)

Wailing Mire,the 54th server for Shadowbound will be going live on November 17th at 10:00 AM EST. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events!

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