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Beginner Guide: daily shop

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Daily Event Shop

Complete daily events to earn Daily Points and swap them for rare items in the Daily Shop (found within the Shop panel).

Battle of Wits: Earn 40 Daily Points for each correct answer. Note: Players in Alpaca form can still earn points, but they earn 20 Daily Points instead of 40.

Mighty Mercs

Players will be rewarded accordingly based on rankings at the end of the event:

1st place: 1500 Daily Points

2nd place: 1300 Daily Points

3rd place: 1200 Daily Points

4th and 5th places: 1000 Daily Points

6th-10th places: 900 Daily Points

Other: 800 Daily Points

3V3: Earn rewards plus 100 Daily Points for winning and 60 Daily Points for losing.

8V8: Earn rewards plus 600 Daily Points for winning and 400 Daily Points for losing. Points will be distributed at the end of the event.


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Guild Wars: Coming Soon to Shadowbound!

Guardians! A brand new system, Guild Wars, will be coming to Shadowbound servers soon, and we would like to ask you to decide when the event happens! Please reply to this thread telling us which of the following event times (server time) you would prefer.

1. 20:40 – 21:10
2. 21:20 – 21:50
3. 22:00 – 22:30
4. 22:30 – 23:40

Collect, empower, and get your Mercs ready to show the world who’s BOSS!

Discuss this on the forum.

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