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Beginner Guide: 8v8 Rumble


1. The 8v8 Rumble is unlocked at level 31. Players are divided into tiers based on their levels (10 levels per tier). You can only enter the arena for your tier.

2. Up to 16 players can get in the same arena, and they belong to one of two factions: Azure and Crimson.

3. An arena is open for 30 minutes, which include 5 minutes of preparation and 25 minutes of battle.

4. If you leave the arena before it is over, you will need to wait 3 minutes before you can enter again, and you will be assigned a faction randomly.

5. You may enter the event as many times as you want every day, but you can only get rewards the first time.

6. Players who have no change in their Valor or battle activity for over 5 minutes will be kicked out of the arena.



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Beginner Guide: Guild system

The guild system is unlocked at level 17. Guilds are groups formed by many players. Players can chat in their guilds, purchase items, learn skills, meet friends, and quickly improve their battle ratings.

1. To view guilds or to create a guild: click on the Guild icon to see a list of all the guilds. You may choose to join a guild or to create one yourself.

2. Guild tribute: you may donate to your guild or complete guild quests to gain guild Tribute, which can be used to learn guild skills.

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(The Donate panel)

3. Guild structures: a guild can house many structures, which require Guild Funds to build. Guild structures can also be upgraded to provide more benefits. For example, when you upgrade the Wisdom Tower, guild members can learn higher level guild skills.

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(Guild structures)


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New Server Arrival – [S19] Bahold Castle (US WEST)

Bahold Castlethe 19th server for Shadowbound will be live on August 30th at 08:00 AM PDT. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events! 

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R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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Beginner Guide: VIP system

The VIP system can give players more convenience and a better gaming experience. The more a player recharges, the higher their VIP level will be. And with higher VIP levels, players can enjoy more privileges and get great VIP rewards.

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Temple Flight

Have problems with those 3 weekly resets, and you don’t know what to do?
Some of you might founded the solution already, but for those who didn’t I can try to explain the way i do it.

I’ll use the image above for an example. The way down is in the purple circle xD

So, is monday, new week, 3 new resets at hand, and I’m in lv. 55 Temple Flight

1. I clean the level 55 if i didn’t already, after i kill and take the necessary items i need, i stop wasting steps on trying to get the priestess to the exit(see note), I simply just reset to Level 50. (that’s 1st reset)
2. I’m at level 50, i kill/clean the map and i go up at 55 (going up is always free)
3. I’m at 55 again, clean the map, do not move priestess to exit, reset again to level 50 (2nd reset).

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S3 Server Maintenance 8/14 (canceled)

Dear Guardians,

In order to provide a better gaming experience, S3 will be undergoing maintenance on 8/14 at 3:00 AM (GMT). 

This is expected to last 2 hours, and the server will be unavailable during that time. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding. 

R2Games Shadowbound Ops

This maintenance is now canceled because of our overtime work today. Enjoy your game tomorrow!

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New Server Arrival -[S74] Londorwin (US West)

Londorwin, the 74th server for Shadowbound will be going live on February 17th at 8:00 AM PST. 

Check out the awesome new server events HERE and stay tuned for more upcoming systems and events!


R2Games Shadowbound Ops Team

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