Pet Intro
1. The Pet system unlocks upon reaching level 45.
2. Click on the Pet icon on the main screen to open.
3. Pets have 6 stats: PATK, PDEF, PMATK, PMDEF, HP and ATK Speed. Train pets to increase their stats.

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Pet Training

1. Training pets requires Pet Potions.
2. Train pets to level them up and boost their stats. Level and stat bonuses can be transferred among pets.
3. When a pet levels up, its stats increase.

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Pet Gear
1. Pets share a 4-piece equipment set.
2. Enhancing pet gear requires special items.
3. Each piece of pet gear has a random stat which can be improved through refining.
4. When a piece of pet equipment has been enhanced to a certain degree, it can be upgraded to the next level, increasing the chance of getting better stats from refining.

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Pet Sac...