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Patch 1.5.1 interesting facts

While upgrading our quest database to the latest patch we were able to notice a couple of nice statistical regularities. We thought we share them with the Aion community.

The following quests have had their drop rates increased:

[Group] Hairpin Ahoy!
[Group] The Pirates’ Pouch
[Group] Plunder the Pirates
[Group] Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates
[Group] Black Cloud Ledgers
[Group] A Present for Father

305 quests have had their XP increased. The increase is an average of 416688XP points per quest. The quest that had its XP reward increased the most is [Alliance] Reshanta’s Hero (2715525XP points).

If you have a need for any other cool facts we’ll try and dig them out for you. Just leave a comment with what you’re interested in.

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Quests database updated to 1.5.1 data


It took us a while but we finally updated our quests database with patch 1.5.1 data. I tried explaining to the developers that there is a deadline and that they are way past it, but all I got as the response was the above image. The fact that I am the developers and that I was exchanging post-it notes with myself did not help the situation one bit. I hope that the updated information will help you though.

There is a bug with the quest reward items currently and it should be fixed in the next couple of hours. We all hope that future releases will be much faster and smoother and we hope you enjoy the new data.

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Korean Aion players get married


Aion’s official Korean site announced that a couple of Aion players got married last week. The couple met in-game during the Korean beta phase and after three years got hitched. Korean Aion community extended their congratulations on 6 pages of comments along with the Korean community managers. Whether they did some PvP in the Abyss during their wedding night or something else remains undisclosed *wink wink nudge nudge*.

News spotted @ MMO Site
Official news article @ Aion Korea

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How to resurrect yourself at the current spot?


After 20 levels of beautiful and friendly PvE zones, my first contact with PvP zone wasn’t very successful. No mater if you die because of a monster or unfriendly Asmodian/Elyos hand, the result is the same – you are dead. Usually you can resurrect immediately at obelisk spot, but it is much more convenient to be resurrect by someone at the current spot, so you don’t have to run all the way back. If you cannot find anyone to resurrect you within 30 minutes you have to use your obelisk resurrection.

But how to resurrect yourself at the current spot?

There are two stones that will resurrect you at the current location: Reviving Elemental Stone and Tombstone of Revival...

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Aion Server Downtime December 17, 2009

The Aion Community Team has announced that the Aion servers will be down from 3:30 a.m. PST, December 17, 2009 (more) for an update. Downtime is estimated to take no longer than 3 hours.

This weeks the maintenance will coincide with the release the latest patch, which will include the Solorius Festival, the first double experience weekend, and a few additional gameplay changes.

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NCsoft statement about upcoming xp progression in Aion

NCsoft has released a statement to the community about character progression with some interesting solutions:

1. Implementing double experience weekends over the next three weeks for levels 1-35
2. Soul Healing will be less expensive for characters of all levels
3. Increasing the experience bonus that Energy of Repose bestows for levels 20-44

Greetings, Daevas!

We’ve heard your feedback that the experience curve can be steep in certain levels of Aion, and over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been evaluating how we want to address this issue to provide for smoother character progression. While we’re committed to providing a permanent solution, our long-term plans require development time...

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Aion Patch Notes


Aion servers have been brought down for about 3 hours to apply the latest patch. Some of the major poinst are:
Holiday Event (The Solorius Festival), restored timer for deleted characters, searching items in the Auction House is no longer case sensitive

Find out more …

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