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Aion Community News update


It is that time of the week again. We followed what other fansites were writing and picked out the best articles for you to browse through (while waiting for queues would go here but there aren’t that many left it seems?).

First off, Nicki Faulk let us know that she has put up a Fanlisting site for Aion. If you’re not familiar with the concept of fanlistings, a fanlisting is a website created by a fan of a particular subject, with the aim gathering together with and listing other fans of that particular subject. The actual concept has probably been around for a long time but the term ‘fanlisting’ as a one-word noun was first used when Janine Mischor created The Fanlistings Network in 2000 ( So go over to and become listed as...

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Aion recent bannings

We wrote about recent Aion massive gold sellers banning, but unfortunately some players have been affected as well. If you found yourself unable to log and you are 100% sure you have not been involved with any activity that would violate Aion User Agreement (never botted, buy or sell gold, never powerleveled, changed files), then you should contact Aion Customer Support team at Support | NCsoft who will be able to look into your case.

  1. Playing behind a proxy/ping modifier service (generally where an ip range has been banned)
    Playing behind a proxy in itself is not against the User Agreement and would not be a basis for ban.
  2. Playing for too long at a time.
    This would not be basis for ban as it is not against the User Agreement either.
  3. Changing the .bin to .exe on the Aion.bin file.
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24/7 GM support for Aion coming very soon

Aion team has finally responded to the in-game petition about better GM support. As Ayase has announced it’s coming very soon. We hope this will solve some major problems particularly those related to gold spammers.

For those of you using in-game petitioning – We will have 24/7 GM support very soon.


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Aion Harvest Revel Event


If you like in game events be prepared. Aion team has announced Harvest Revel Event from October 25th – 31st. There aren’t much details yet but here is what we know so far:

During the fall harvest, from time immemorial, the people of Atreia have celebrated the bounty of the land. Years ago, the joy of the annual revels was troubled by an eclipse – a peculiar and magical eclipse that brought darkness to Asmodae and Elysea. Ever since, for days during Harvest Revel, the sky goes dark and the peoples of Atreia join the hunt.

Asmodians find soothing peace during the dark days of the Harvest Revel. They celebrate by racing after the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader during the Wild Hunt and cooking special traditional dishes.

Elyos endure the dark days because during them the dead of Elysea...

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Aion Chat Spam Filter


A few days ago Aion was updated to version There aren’t many changes but the most important one is update of the Chat Spam Filter.

How does it work?

Aion team is updating the Chat Spam Filter constantly and every time you launch the game it’ll patch in the background. The downside to this is that the longer you stay in the game the greater the risk is that you’ll see variations of RMT sites popping up, since the filter might become out of date. It means you don’t get the latest version of the filter in real time while you are playing.


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AION Vision Movie

NCsoft has released new video – AION Never ending Challenge. It’s early to give the list of specific details but the video shows new content expansion, new underwater skills, housing system, mounts and amazing graphics. The question is how long we have to wait for this?

  1. Large Graphics Overhaul: Changing Seasons, Engine update
  2. Mounts: Single Player Mounts, Passenger Seat on Some MOunts, Combat Mounts
  3. Housing: Decorate them how you want, Personal Housing, Furniture
  4. New Skills
  5. New Weapons:  Whips,  Crossbows, Shields That Turn into Grappling Type Hooks, Massive Ground Sieges with massive Siege weapons.
  6. Swimming.
  7. Underwater Quest Hubs.
  8. New Hair Styles.


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Aion Massive Ban for Good Morning


Over the last week Aion team has been working on a list – who was naughty or nice. Ban Hammer Claus just came to town. Nearly 16,000 accounts have been removed from the game. If your account was banned, please read the following FAQ.

1. Why was I banned?

There could be many reasons your account was closed. If you did not receive notification of your violation via e-mail please create a support ticket and the violation will be explained to you. Please note that if your account was closed for the use of 3rd party software (botting) or participating in RMT (gold buying/selling) the evidence for the account closure was gathered over several weeks. It may be completely unrelated to what your character was doing right when your account was closed.


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