Elsword News – Ara: Little Specter Job Path Revealed

KOG Games has announced a new Elsword job path for Ara. Called "Little Specter", the job allows the Dark Fox access to Ara, giving her three new skills that, if combined with the right synergy, unleash the Exorcism Arts.

For a limited time, you can boost one base-job Ara up to Level 35 instantly (one character per account only). Just bring Ara to the village or a resting area between fields. Wait for the message to pop up then click the Level Boost button. Once you’ve done this, you will also receive the Level Boost Cube thru the mail!

Ara’s power has grown immensely, but who is in control? The Dark Fox is only the first to cast this harrowing shadow across the land of Elrios. The beckoning howl of the Millennium Fox echoes across the underworld and shakes its denizens to the very core… Darkness is Coming!

Find out more on the Elsword page.

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