Elsword News – Enter the Gate of Darkness

Kill3r Combo is back with another developer diary hosted by MMORPG.com. In this feature, the team reveals new information and a brand spanking new trailer from the latest Elsword update, Gate of Darkness, a "bat out of hell" overhaul of the game. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments.

What once was, is no more. What players would have seen in an old Gate of Darkness Dungeon was a limited weekend access, multi-tiered, survivor style baddy slay-fest. Even though this was a popular feature, the old Gate of Darkness just didn’t follow the true nature of what the Elsword experience is all about. The in-your-face experience players get with the new infernalicious Gate of Darkness is a Tower-Defense style hellborn epic. All demonically nefarious word-play aside, this 4 player co-op Event Dungeon has some remarkable new mechanics that our Elpeeps have never seen before. 

Read more of Kill3r Combo's Elsword: Enter the Gate of Darkness.

Elsword News - Enter the Gate of Darkness

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