Elsword News – New Era of Skills Begins

Elsword has just announced a "new era of skills", and we've got the details. The new system completely re-imagines Elsword's customizable skill system, by improving and adding tons of new skills to the game.

The hit free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, will be boldly entering “A New Era of Skills” as the recently announced program completely reimagines Elsword’s skill customization system.  Players will find some skills dramatically improved and other skills entirely new as the skill system becomes easier to use and the action-based gameplay becomes even deeper.

As part of the new skill system, every character will gain brand new skills, as well as chance to reallocate their skill tree points to take advantage of the new array of abilities.  Six of Elsword’s classes will see a variety of upgrades to existing skills to make them even more dynamic and versatile than ever before.  The new skill tree interface will become easier to use and players will see skills reach new levels of destruction as their maximum power level is increased. 

Additionally, players can participate in a new fall friend referral program also launching on November 6th.  By inviting their friends to play Elsword, all players can receive amazing prizes.  Elsword players on Steam are also eligible to purchase exclusive item packs recently launched on Steam. 

Read more about the changes over at the official Elsword site.

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